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  1. Hi MEB, what is going on with the reported issue? Is it planned to be fixed? Let me know please. Regards, Andrzej
  2. Hi MEB once again, for some reasons I was in a hurry writing the above answer, so I would like to add some words now. Normally my projects are rather simple, as I am an amateur photographer and my goal is to get as much as possible from my shots. In other words to get best looking photos. It means I use mainly different adjustments, also losless, using layers, masking etc. Sometimes I duplicate layers and blend them latter. The problem described above I noticed during my normal workflow, which usually contain adjustment layers, but confirmed with the plain, not adjusted picture, as I wrot
  3. Hi MEB, It doesn't depend on layers, I just confirmed this. I opened the file, cropped to 16:9, resized to 1920:1080 and exported, without any adjustments. No adjustmsnts, no leyers. The results as above.
  4. I’m sorry for the very long story, but I didn't find the way to shorten the description of noticed problem. My final steps of jpg image processing are cropping, usually to 16:9 proportions, resampling to 1920:1080 and sharpening using the filter best suited to the photo. Next I export the picture to disk again as jpg, using export command and don’t change the picture size during export. Unfortunately I noticed, that sometimes the saved pictures looked in Faststone (or any picture viewer) are softer, than before export, viewed in AP. It is particullary obvious on pictures containi
  5. The list of fixes looks impressive, but unfortunately it still crashes with Neat Image plugin. Best regards and good luck with next fixes, Andrzej
  6. Some nice improvements, but still crashes with Neat Image plugin.
  7. Affinity Photo ver. worked fine with the latest relase (compatible) of the Neat Image plugin. After upgrading to AP crashes. Uninstalling and installing the previous version of AP makes it working again. Andrzej Edit: I just noticed, that the same crash occurs, when use denoise filter of Affinity Photo.
  8. Sean, you were right that it has something to do with two monitors. I did a lot of tests and I have a lot of observations. I can force the AP working properly, but in a strange way. I will do another tests and will present the results after sorting them out. This behaviour was not observed on my old computer with Win 7, AP1.5, all betas and AP1.6, also working with two monitors. Andrzej
  9. Hi Sean, thank you for the reply. Yes, I have two monitors (laptop plus the bigger one). I did what you adviced, but unfortunately nothing has changed. Andrzej
  10. I installed AP 1.6.089 on the new computer with WIN 10 OS. It worked fine for few days, even today. I installed DxO Optics PhotoLab, which worked fine. After that I noticed strange behaviour of my AP: If I choose any adjustment tool/adjustment layer/filter it adds the new layer and a new positions in the history, f.e. "Add level adjustment" and "Set adjustment parameters", like it should. Unfortunately I can do nothing, because there is no visible corresponding tool box with sliders. If I choose Filters->Sharpen->Unsharp Mask or Clarity, cursor changes shape and a little pice
  11. It highly depends on the resolution. I checked it roughly in function of Mpx and the results are as follows: for 2 Mpx about 1 sec, for 14 Mpx about 20 sec, for 16 Mpx about 110 sec. This is not the linear function. For 24 Mpx f.e. it may take a long long time. I used this function several times in latest betas, but always for 2 Mpix, so I didn't notice any problem.
  12. Here about 1 sec on the 1920x1080 file. Perhaps will be longer for higher resolution files. Maybe there is a OS problem?
  13. Yes, Depth of Field, both Elliptical and Tilt Shift. I checked it once again now and both work fine. Win7, i5, 8 GB RAM.
  14. Works perfect here, both in beta and in the final 1.6 version.
  15. There is still a bug in the shadows/higlight filter, making it unusable for highlights correction (vertical lines). Regards to the team
  16. I did more tests and now I can confirm your comment: EXIF was not displayed despite of the name of the folder, because the name of the whole tree contained special character, but I confirmed once again, that it doesn't matter in the retail version. Maybe it will help? Andrzej
  17. Hi Sean P, thank you for the reply. Unfortunately the problem looks a little different: despite of the name of the folder (with or without special caracters) the EXIF info is not visible in the new beta. Contrary to this all work perfect in retail version (even if the folder name contains special characters). It seems it was correct in the previous beta too, though I can't confirm it now. It looks as the step back in the new beta. (I open the files in Photo Persona). Regards, Andrzej
  18. Hi, I'm new on this forum. I just installed the beta and one of the first things noticed is the lack of the EXIF in exported files. Does this version needs a special setting to save EXIF, contrary to the previous, or it's a bug? Regards, Andrzej
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