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  1. Please add layer's rename keyboard shortcut in menu. In Photoshop´╝îI'm keen to modify the name of the layer. Affinity Designer didn't can set layer rename keyboard shortcut. can we add the menu?
  2. 1: UI Standard In AffinityDesign, I need use two hours tagging UI standards in everyone UI page. And In Sketch & Photoshop, use the plugin, Automatically generated UI standard pages just one key. Sketch have plugins: https://github.com/utom/sketch-measure https://github.com/tudou527/marketch Demo: http://utom.design/news/ Photoshop have plugin: http://www.biaonimeia.com/ 2: slice only iOS Image in Android is same name, but difference floder. Export mode is complex and powerful, but I can't use it export Android. we export iOS image, and user other app change image to Android. 3: piexl we get float piexl in center alignment & other layer middle alignment.
  3. Let's look at these plug-ins: Sketch: https://github.com/tudou527/marketch Photoshop: http://www.biaonimeia.com/ This plug-in can reduce the UI designer output to the developer's workflow, it will output an Html file, automatic tagging the size of the layer above, color, size. Developers use annotations file can be more convenient for development. Before I use the Affinity is exported as PSD, then use www.biaonimeia.com to output.But I will meet a problem here, textLayer into the Image layer after layer exported as PSD. So now, for the moment, Affinity workflow, unable to solve the problem of automatic tagging. Don't know Affinity Team will add this function in this respect.If you want to meet this requirement is not too difficult, personal understanding of the ideas are as follows: 1. The traversal of the layer properties: layer size, position, font color, font type, font size. 2. The reference source sample at https://github.com/tudou527/marketch 3. Generate Html files as attachments. Attachment on one of my use the Sketch automatic output sample: GUIOut.zip I like Affinity Designer, so I put forward its own ideas, hope don't mind.
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