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  1. Thanks for the replies, it looks like I'll be unable to use Photo for my phone images until it's officially supported. Glad to know the DNGs came out correctly in another software. HVDB: The images you attached have the issue I'm describing: I'm expecting colours similar to the OOC JPEGS (left side in my first post), but I'm getting washed out images shown on the right.
  2. Thanks! I just gave that a go, but unfortunately it produces the same results.
  3. I've been recently trying to process some DNG files produced by my smartphone (an LG G6 aka LG-H870DS), and the colours are appearing faded with a weird hue in the Develop persona compared to the out-of-camera (OOC) JPEGs. I've tried to edit the DNGs to match the colours of the original OOC JPEGs, but have been unable to do so. I'm wondering if this is intended behaviour (in other words, me being not being proficient enough in Photo/editing), or if the DNGs are being read incorrectly. I've included the DNG files in the attachments. For some reason the JPEGs are failing to upload, but I've included a comparison between the DNG and OOC JPEGs. 20180812_072555.dng 20180821_191840.dng