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  1. I'd also like to see the divide blend mode added. It's very useful for flat-field correction.
  2. I'm having a similar issue with an Apple Magic Mouse in the 'Text Height' field. When I scroll up and down it works correctly, increasing and decreasing as expected, however, when using the shift modifier to adjust in increments of ten, scrolling either way only increases the text height. Incidentally, when scrolling in any other value field, like next to an adjustment slider, the Magic Mouse input is ignored. Using a regular scroll wheel mouse causes the values to adjust as expected (shift and option modifiers included), just not at all with a Magic Mouse. Perhaps this
  3. That is indeed what I'm finding regarding hovering over a numeric value field. A regular, let's call it traditional maybe, scroll wheel mouse, will change the values perfectly, but the trackpad and Magic Mouse does not. And scrolling to change values is a real time saver for me. Thanks for the info regarding dragging on the text next to an input field. That really helps me a lot, but as you say, it isn't consistently implemented, and also doesn't work anywhere in the Develop Persona where I do most of my work. Now, if this a bug or a shortcoming in the software, should I post it to th
  4. Hello, I'm using a Magic Mouse in Affinity Photo on a MacBook Pro and cannot figure out how to get scrolling while hovering over, or clicking into, a value adjacent a slider to work. Two finger scrolling on the trackpad doesn't change the value either, however using a basic Microsoft scroll wheel mouse does! General scrolling elsewhere in the Studio panels and in the document view work as expected, just not in changing values. Am I missing something?
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