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  1. Data Merge would be a huuuuuuge boon, as InDesign already stopped developing their (flawed, buggy) data merge feature. It is absolutely essential to quite some (smaller) design firms, as it saves time that bigger companies can spend through manpower or programming/coding expertise
  2. Can anyone tell me how/if there is a way to set bleed to visual in AD? I can't see how far the objects are going into my bleed zone (=trim zone). This makes for quite some calculating and double-checking.
  3. Feature requests to make most users switch from InDesign to Affinity: 1 advanced otf support, so people can easily see what stylistic or other alternates are available 2 data merge or something similar, now without bugs 3 grep based search and replace 4 grep styles 5 multiple page sizes While 1 and 2 are horribly buggy/confused in InDesign and would attract frustrated InDesign users, 3, 4 and 5 are such a delight in InDesign as to be nearly necessary. Thanks for creating these powerful apps and finally offering some resistance to Adobe. I've lived through the demise of Quark and am seeing the same telltale signs in Adobe's behaviour.