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  1. Thankyou Dan for your reassuring reply. The technical bits are not my strength :) but the flatten transform setting seems to be working for my present requirement so I’m very happy it is there and am glad I discovered it.
  2. Hi, I have AD on my Mac and my iPad and I have a Cricut cutting machine. I would like to create my own svg cut files but had almost given up because the objects, whilst looking fine in AD, often became randomly scattered and weird when I uploaded to my cutting machine software. Recently, I realised that this was happening whenever I had rotated a shape whilst designing in AD. I am still at the novice stage with vectors but today I noticed the setting 'flatten transforms' in the extended SVG settings and it worked! No more flying objects and the shapes uploaded perfectly to my cutting machine!
  3. No problem, I can work around it, just happy to know that I’m getting somewhere at the patterning end of the process! I love Affinity and that you have made it possible for us to experiment with this level of graphics programme on an iPad.
  4. Hi Gabriel, thanks for the reply. I didn’t know how to screen record so had to look it up :) Hopefully, it works. I am just experimenting with patterns so I am not sure if I am doing something wrong at that end of the process, but as it all seems to work fine on my desktop version, I’m a little confused. I also show how the anomaly also happens with text, where 595DB0FB-28B1-4C2B-A45E-572E2F2CBC88.MOV the text is also a rectangle. :/
  5. I am a novice, but I am attempting to create some repeating patterns and subsequently create a style from them using the 'style from selection' command. Everything appears to work perfectly on my desktop but when I try the same exercise on my iPad app, it works on seemingly everything but the rectangle shape. Strangely, if I convert the rectangle to curves, then make it a little irregular in some way, the style then fills the shape correctly. Not sure where I'm going wrong?
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