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  1. Interesting development. I went on to download the beta version of publisher: Affinity Publisher Customer Beta - - Publisher beta on Windows - Affinity | Forum (serif.com) and have had zero problems so far.
  2. I have 2 fonts installed outside of the standard fonts. I find it hard to believe that would be a contributing factor. *note the file uses 2 typefaces, one being a Windows default font and the other custom. To test the number of applications thought, I've closed all but Designer, browser window, and one other application and I'm getting the same error with Designer as I was with publisher about access to the file being lost. What could be causing the application to lose access to a local file? This seems to be the most critical issue. The secondary error has been hit or miss in my testing today. The fun part is, after taking the time to rasterizing all of the linked images to pixels to try to reduce the number of open documents with it... When saving I received the above error too. So all of the layer conversions were lost on 45 pages. I've seen others with similar issues, but I've not seen anything regarding a resolution or consistent workaround.
  3. In designer before attempting to save again, I converted all images to pixel layers instead of linked documents. I've verified through the resource manager that there are no documents open for this file. I tried to "Save As" and was prompted with a new error: My hope was to be able to get it to work at least within Designer... I'm baffled and extremely annoyed at this point.
  4. Just kidding... when I went to save the document again in Publisher after making it a design file I got the same error...
  5. To get around this, I opened the file in Designer. Saved it as a Designer file, then re-opened it in Publisher... that seemed to work. This is a massive issue though and hopefully is being addressed for the next update. Or maybe add a pages view in Designer and an option (artboards aren't enough) then do away with Publisher all together!
  6. I created a document yesterday on my D:\ saved everything throughout the evening with no complications then saved and closed it for the night. I re-opened the document today and created one page, then saved my progress as usual but this time I was prompted with an error which then closes the entire program and I lost the progress I've made. The file location hasn't changed overnight, it's housed on a secondary HDD of my (less than 3 month old) computer. I tried to move the document to my external drive and work from there, but I get the same error message when saving. Please see the attached image for reference. I don't recall ever having this sort of issue with Affinity Publisher in the past and I'm very confused on what I should do and if I've lost all of my work. I'm using version: Don't judge the file name, lol. I'm working on a project for my D&D Campaign.
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