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    crash when importing photo from iPad photos.

    The app is very buggy. This happens on my ipad pro as well. In addition....DO NOT try and watch any of the tutorial videos. That results in the "black screen of death" and the app will close. I'm afraid we have wasted $20 of our hard earned money. What's the point of buying an app to work on photos if the app won't allow you to import any photos??
  2. I just urchased the new iPad app and have tried to use it on my iPad Pro. Not sure this was worth the $19.99 investment as the app is very unstable and crashes often. Biggest issues are: 1) Opening images from Apple photo. I have thousands of images, if you scroll through them too fast the app just locks up and will not respond to any commands. After about sixty seconds it will simply close down. 2) Trying to watch the tutorial videos from the home screen does the same thing. If you click on a video, the screen goes black. After about a minute the app simply closes.
  3. Luxescene

    New iPad App Just Crashes

    MEB - I just bought this app yesterday when it was launched. It is version 1.6.1. The issues I described are what I am experiencing for the newest version. I don't understand this response. You just launched this app two days ago. There only is one version of it in the App Store........1.6.1.

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