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  1. Thanks for looking into this -- I've been eagerly awaiting Affinity Photo, since it's teaser last year. A few bugs are understandable in a project of this scale and ambition -- really looking forward to seeing where this software is heading. I do almost all my photo processing on an iPad, despite working with Photoshop, on my PC -- the iPad might be less efficient and capable but the sheer joy and simplicity of using a device you can hold in your hand far outweighs the disadvantages. At the moment, I'm using Lightroom Mobile for RAW conversion and adjustments then Pixelmator for Retouch and compositing then Snapseed for tweaking and further retouch -- I'd love to be able to use a single program for all of this, especially with mask support, and I'm really hoping AP will fulfil these requirements once the bugs are ironed out. Many thanks to you and the developers for all their hard work.
  2. Hi Chris, Thanks for the response. The .CR2 file is being imported directly from iCloud Drive -- it's definitely loading the RAW as the jpeg preview would show a magenta highlight in the blue vase rather than the correct blue highlight. The RAW file displays correctly in PC Photoshop and on the iPad in Snapseed's RAW import and in Lightroom's native RAW import (both launched from the iCloud Drive app by opening the .CR2 file then using the Open In function to launch Snapseed or Lightroom). I've done some further testing and converted the CR2 file to a DNG file (in Photoshop CC's Camera Raw) - no processing just load the CR2 and save as DNG -- imported the DNG via iCloud *and* via Dropbox, identical result -- colour banding in the shadow areas. Same file loads perfectly in Snapseed and Lightroom Mobile. <<edit: link removed as it's no longer necessary>> Additional info: just tested the file on Affinity Trial for Windows and it loads fine, no banding.
  3. Unchecking 'Embed Metadata' on the export screen works for me, for .CR2 file export...
  4. Importing a CR2 Canon (60D) image (from iCloud) results in very noticeable banding and noise in dark/shadow areas. Midtones and highlights appear fine. No such issue with Lightroom or Snapseed. Was really hoping for *much* better RAW support than this. Attaching Image from Affinity — straight import and crop to show area with noise and colour banding.
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