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  1. I don't have any shortcuts or added anything so I will try this. okay I reset to default and the clone brush worked for one minute. Now when I press option-click it won't select any color but the edit pull down says it has and undo is available.
  2. Here is screen shot of non functional clone brush attempt.
  3. It worked once then clone brush doesn't work. When I go to edit it says undo clone brush for every time i try to select but no selection shows.
  4. I finally got the clone brush to work by raising the rotation from 0% to 250%
  5. Do i need to reinstall Affinity Photo? The video portion of the reply is moving at warp speed, I can't follow it.
  6. I tried all this and it still doesn't work
  7. I am removing tripod area from a series of panoramas and the clone brush stopped working. I am using AP on a Mac. Did I wear the tool out(lol)?

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