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  1. As a layout artist you see your project as a whole. Not as a collection of single pages. For the latter one better uses a illustration app like AD. I consider it's a big mistake adopting the level concept of AD and AP for AP. Most layouters use layers primarily for alternative designs, which can then be faded in and out with a single mouse click. Exactly this is not possible with AP and its current layers concept. I know, it is difficult to change, because AP should be compatible with AD. But maybe you could bypass the problem by offering the option to mark selected layers as cross-project. This could be a publisher-only function.
  2. musiberti


    Great work!!! Is there a way to make the bleed visible? I also would like to have the choice to set the bleed when creating a new document. There are margins but no bleed. Why?
  3. The Funktion "Shadows" (by shadows/lights) is not working. Movig the slider has no effect, I tried it only with JPGs so far.
  4. TonyB from Affinity has already announced that they are working on global layers. So I hope that everything will be fine - someday.
  5. musiberti

    Foto Frames in Master

    Master pages in Publisher are currently useless for any professional workflow. I can not imagine that Affinity seriously wants to keep this concept.
  6. Sorry, but "NO"! It was clear from the beginning that the Publisher would be a harder piece of work for Affinty than Photo and Designer combined. In most cases, a graphic designer has to earn a large part of his income with a layout applicaton. Here, Affinity can not afford to do without basic functionality. After all, time is money. And nobody wastes time with workarounds!
  7. No, the opposite is the case. In a document with many pages you will lose the overview quickly when you are working only with the existing local layers. Almost every professional Layouter works with "global layers", otherwise you will have to unnecessarily perform many simple actions several times . Luckily, Affinity has already announced in the forum that they are working on global layers. As I understand it, the "local" layers will remain as well. So everyone has the opportunity to use his preferred workflow. In the end, we would have even more options than in InDesign.
  8. I agree to 100% to this review. Affinity had better done well to publish the Publisher as Alpha. The Publisher lacks so many very basic features for DTP (global layers etc.). Unfortunately, the Publisher is currently only a Designer with the ability to manage multiple pages. I am sure that Affinity will deliver many features until the final release. But in view of the necessary mass I have doubts whether this is feasible in the foreseeable future at all. Please Affinity: surprise me.
  9. Great Update! But please don't forget the global layers.
  10. The functions of the apps inevitably overlap. This is not different with Adobe and can not be avoided synonymous. But the core features are already well recognizable in Affinity products. I have not yet used Designer and Photo for professional work. For my workflow, this is only when the entire suite is complete.
  11. This statement gives reason for hope:
  12. This gives reason for hope:
  13. In the thread "Affinity Publisher is not a copy of InDesign - no massive fail!", at last, a moderator on the theme of "Global Layers" made an appearance:
  14. @haakoo: You are working on a master page. You will never place content from your customers on master pages. That not a proper workflow. This will be result in a terrible mess if you a working on a document with a hundred pages. If the customer comes with change requests, the fun is over.
  15. I would like to add a suggestion from another thread: Tagged Layers could be a working substitute for Global Layers. With the possibility of tagging any layer with keywords, we could achieve a similar functionality. You need a few more clicks, but it would be a substitute that is even more versatile. But I stick with it: without Global Layers (or Tagged Layers) the publisher is a failure. For me and for most InDesign/Xpress Users.
  16. @MikeW: Unfortunately, most of the users here do not even begin to understand the difference between layers and master pages. Sorry if I'm desperate to make someone clear what "global" layers are. I had already tried to explain it many times. And then someone comes again who says "but with master pages I can do that too". Anyone who claims to be switching from InDesign to Publisher at this point in time is certainly no one who has to earn his money in graphic design.
  17. Masters Pages are not usable for any content that differs on every page - like text, prices, pictures... They are for framework design.
  18. Global Layers are not only for multi-lingual work´╗┐. There are thousands of purposes and it would be a huge loss if global layers are not included in the Publisher. Please do not hesitate, that I do not wish the Publisher any harm. I'm just trying to make you understand that it would be a big mistake to voluntarily give up such a powerful function. Ultimately, this would also result in the Publisher's failure because it would not move anyone to switch from InDesign or Xpress.
  19. No, I know that it's a beta. But the lack of global layers seems to be wanted. That let me believe various statements by moderators (in other threads) . I think that's a very big mistake, because ultimately it means that the publisher will never prevail in a professional environment.
  20. Your example shows just one rectangle. For different objects (maybe a circle one page 2) with just 1 layer, you will need global layers.

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