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  1. 1) I would like to be able to Place multiple images with 'Picture Frame' on multiple pages and indicate how many on each page. I guess I can do this with a master page with Picture Frames pre-set but would still have to add each image manually and pre-create pages, unless there is a way to auto add multiple images? i.e. If i have 10 images and want 2 per page (using a master page with 2 frames), I would like to auto add 4 extra pages by drag & drop multiple selected images by dropping in 1st Frame on 1st page. Each new page would adopt the selected master page. With say a text frame under each image on the master page it would be easy to then add the image description or text as required.
  2. I am importing a number of images much larger than work area so I have to re-size a number of times until I can see complete image then move into position. This may be a bug 1) I would like the Drag & Drop to auto size image (on a page with out Picture Frame) as does with 'Place Image' and 'Picture Frame' so it comes inside the bounds of a page with out a frame. Much the same way as Replace image in Picture Frame. Serif PP9 does scale image so you can see the total image if you drag and drop a larger than page image.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I found the ? help after playing with the app, pity its not in the edit window. Help is very comprehensive but how can I flip between editing and seeing the help or is there a way of using split screen. I need 2 iPads to read help on one and action edits on other.If i can not do this then it need looking at for future release. I have now purchased a new 10.5 iPad pro and Apple Pen which works OK but the Wacom pen will not sync Bluetooth on the new iPad looks like Apple may be blocking. I had tried the Pressure icon on the iPad Air 2 but width stays same it works on other apps for pressure. Not an issue now I have a new 10.5 ipad pro. I have installed the 2 updates so far.
  4. 1) Where is the user guide PDF? 2) Try to select a line of text however I try either the 1st or last character is not selected by finger or pen. 3) I have a Intuos Creative Stylus 2 pen it seems to work but not sure how to check out the pressure sensitivity for line width (I need a user guide). Is this pen supported or has it been tested by someone who knows how to use the app? Just purchased location Australia iPad Air 2 64Gb pen works OK on other graphic apps no crashes so far Thanks. As you may guess i am frustrated by lack of user guide for instance when I select a brush I can see how to select the width of a stroke but can not find how to select pressure to vary the width. I have other apps on my iPad Air 2 that respond OK to pressure so i have no idea if my Wacom Pen is compatible with this app. If i use my finger how do I vary the width by pressure? etc. I am using mobile broadband and to watch all the tutorials is very expensive even the app cost me $12 to download Thanks
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