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  1. Thanks. I'm likely just slow because I don't understand with you mean by a "sample of the original"? The image above is 666 × 750 pixels and contains the relevant part of the image, isn't that a sample? I did not want to paste the whole image for privacy reasons, the original photo is not mine.
  2. I did try make a copy and adjust the color of the too red region to match the correct color but failed. But that is likely because I'm too unused with image editors. Will try again, thanks!
  3. I have an old color photo that is discolored because of age. I managed to adjust the levels in Affinity Photo so that it looks ok, except one area where it is too red. I have spent quite some time trying to figure out how to remove the red from the dress and I looked at lots of video tutorials. But I haven't figured this out. Do you have a suggestion how I fix this? I'm new to Affinity photo and photo editing, please use a more simple language