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    LetsWoolgather reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity Photo iPad 1.6.2 available in the App Store   
    To resolve many of the early teething problems we have released a new build to the iPad App Store
    It includes the following:
    - Enable RAW loading from Photo Library.
    - More robust auto-save of new documents.
    - Allow Photo Library images in new stack, HDR merge, focus merge and panorama dialogs.
    - Improved stability with complex documents.
    - Stroke stabiliser for the paint brush tool.
    - Allow deletion of red-eye, blemish removal sets in develop.
    - Allow editing of brushes from the brush studio.
    - Missing icons in the patch tool.
    - Fixed text shooting off screen sometimes when editing.
    - Fixed crashes when inpainting large areas.
    - Faster tone mapping.
    - Liquify works properly with rotated / flipped layers.
    - Fixed odd develop artefacts with some Canon D60 images.
    - Fixed failure to export JPEG from some RAW files.
    - Missing levels functionality.
    - Halftone filter
    - UCR and GCR now work.
    - Improved CMYK blend modes.
    - Fixed develop basic studio sometimes having no sliders.
    - Missing delete buttons in field blur, deform and gradient tools.
    - DoF and Lens Blur filters now apply more quickly.
    - Prevent focus merge, HDR merge from starting with no images.
    - LUTs fixed.
    - Fixed develop WB slider bug.
    - Paste inside implemented.
    - Fixed a layer studio crash.
    - Localisation improvements.
    - Numerous other stability and visual improvements.
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    LetsWoolgather reacted to Sean P in [Fixed] Brush Adjustments   
    Ahh I see your confusion - I do apologise for that. It appears that sentence is a leftover that has been overlooked from porting the help over from the desktop version. I will also pass it onto documentation until development can add the means to edit brushes.
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    LetsWoolgather reacted to Sean P in Gradient Fill - Type Bitmap   
    Hi LetsWoolgather,

    Thanks for letting us know! This is already with development to fix!

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