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  1. nr5229

    Tilt and Angle Control

    Bumping this as a friendly reminder, also curious of any information regarding when we can see changes to how tilt and angle works. I love that Affinity is available on the iPad, but this one thing is keeping me from really using it. Keep up the good work!
  2. nr5229

    Tilt and Angle Control

    Thanks for the post. I couldn't really figure out how tilt and angle worked before reading this. It is not very intuitive, and I would prefer the way you describe as it is what I am used to. It seems that dividing these two tilt directions over tilt and angle makes it difficult to create really nice brushes, since size, for instance, need to be controlled by only one of the two. There seems to be no way of getting both directions of tilt and angle applied for any of the dynamic features of the brush.
  3. Switching from Swedish to English as system language, the affinity app no longer crashes on ipad pro 9'7.
  4. The app crashes for me too on Ipad pro 9'7 with swedish as system language.

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