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  1. Can someone remind me how to get rid of 'Marching ants' please? And also how I must have done it in the first place plus what are they for?
  2. I think the problem for me was the marching ants were coincident with a selected line and I thought it was the line that was affected and not that it was actually a very thin rectangle! Had I noticed it was a rectangle then I think I would have realized it was a selection.
  3. Good advice - it did the trick and now I can use pressure to vary thickness. Plastic tube.afdesign
  4. In DP8 it was possible to create a brush that could be used to draw a pipe with lots of bends or like a piece of wire. Attached is a file of what the paint brush would look like. Can I do the same thing with AD? Custom brush.afdesign
  5. I have another problem that has come out of my brush experiments. In the attached file 'A' is a freehand drawn stroke. 'B' is a stroke that was cut from an irregular shape. You will see that I can apply a pressure to 'A' but not to 'B'. Why is this? Pressure problem.afdesign
  6. Alfred. Is there a way of finding the file that generated a particular brush? I need to back track and see what I have done.
  7. Hi Alfred, Success! I have attached a file showing how I used the transparency effect in a custom brush. There have been times when I wanted to 'Feather' the edge of an irregular shape. Using the transparency tool only give you 4 choices of Type and I needed away to create an irregular Type. transparent example.afdesign
  8. Thanks Alfred I'll give it a go.
  9. Here is an example I did in DP8 Custom brush.afdesign
  10. Can I converted a round corner rectangle back into a quick shape after converting it into a curve?
  11. Hi All, I'm sorry but I think I have been leading you all up blind alley! I went back to my original problem which was a rounded corner QS. I then tried out my adding an 'invisible' shape to restore it back to a non-curve shape. In doing this I lost the red radius adjustment node. It was this node that I wanted to restore to make it easy to edit all 4 corners at the same time. Sorry to mess you all about.
  12. My point was that by adding an invisible object to a shape that had been converted to a curve then it automatically becomes a non-curved combined shape. It may be that technically the new combined shape is not the same as a Quick shape.
  13. Next time I do one I'll check that out.
  14. Attached is a file showing what I mean. A = Two quick shapes B = Rectangle changed to curves and modified and then combined with the circle. The result is a non-curved shape. C = The combined shape converted into curves. Combined shapes.afdesign
  15. That's OK MEB. When I combine quick shapes (Boolean operation?), which may have been changed into curves, they then become a non-curved object which can be changed back into curved objects. Do you need an example?
  16. If I added an invisible object and combined them wouldn't this make it into non-curve object?
  17. jackamus

    AD getting tired?

    Thank you Sean.
  18. jackamus

    AD getting tired?

    A few times I've noticed that as I group, ungroup, move groups, copy and paste groups etc AD starts to have difficulty in selecting a group if I click on it. I solve this problem by saving the file and quitting AD. I then reopen AD, reopen the file and all is well again.
  19. jackamus

    AD getting tired?

    OK I'll have a go when it happens again although I have never used QuickTime like this before.
  20. jackamus

    AD getting tired?

    Next time it happens how would you like me to record it? If I just send you the file I imagine it would work OK on your computer.
  21. Does the PC version of AD have the same features as DrawPlus8 or are they only the same as the Mac version?
  22. OK so simply converting from DPcode into the AD code is not feasible. What is wrong with separately developing the same DP features for AD? You have already done that most of the AD features . Thesmissing DP features are very useful!
  23. Is it possible to 'lock' a group so that it cannot be ungrouped accidentally when ungrouping with other grouped objects?
  24. Can you understand this?
  25. Thanks for that and I'm glad you understood the question. However that is basically what I'm doing at the moment. I draw the circle at its correct size and then move two guides to touch either side of the circle. I then resize the whole group until the grouped circle fits between the guides.