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    Cannot save

    Further to my comment above, I cannot export this image in any format. I'm stuck until it is fixed. Reminds me of DP!
  2. As a previous user of DPX5 I was able to edit the number of points of a QS Star plus other variables. This does not appear to be available in Afinity.
  3. jackamus

    Then, this happened!

    Those of us who were brought up on DP and always bemoaned the fact that DP couldn't be used on a Mac can now say WOW! its the top seller in the Mac Apps Store! Well done Serif. Roll on the next update.
  4. How many people have been Beta testing Affinity?
  5. A useful extra guideline feature would be 'Remove all'. I frequently cover my drawing with guides just as a temporary help and then want to remove all of them. Afinity only offers individual removal. Also angled guide lines would be a great help either at a set angle using 'Shift', or chosen angle using a degree box or arbitary drawn angle.
  6. jackamus


    It would be useful if, when exporting an image and resizing, that with the constraining icon activated it shows both the dimension figures change simultaneously. At the moment the when you change one size the other is not apparent until you click on the other box and see the size change.
  7. The horizontal scroll bar only appears when the Pan tool is visible. If I move the curser off the page the scroll bar disappears. I would like to use the scroll without having to select the Pan tool.
  8. I think the brush menu would mean more if the strokes were black on a white background.
  9. jackamus

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi Matt, Remember me? I used to go under the name of 'Jack the Lad', You and I swapped many emails over how to develop a perspective drawing feature for DP. I also gave your computers a hard time with my drawing of an alloy wheel when you tried to find why it it made your computers crash! It turned out to be an incompatibility between Windows and the 'Blur' tool! I gave up the PC and bought a MAC and have Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator. However I'm too old now (74) to learn new software and I'm very glad that Serif have produced a Mac version which hopefully will be like using DP. I'll give it my best shot as a tester. Godd luck Jack