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  1. This all stuff that is way out of my expertise. For what it is worth I stay clear of Google. The only time I knowingly used it was Google Images. I use it a lot to provide references for my paintings. However I recently found Flickr where the images are of a higher resolution. I do have a website. www.classiccarartist.co.uk
  2. jackamus

    Font sizes

    Hi, The reason I needed type to be so small was because I was drawing to a small scale - an engineering drawing in fact.
  3. Thank you both for your help. I have to say that Jakerlund's video said it all. I'm afraid that Mikes file confused me even further but now I know how to do it Mike's makes sense. I think it was because Jakerlund used my original file which I fully understood. Now I can go where only a few have ever been before - Captain Kirk! ;)
  4. Hi Mike, Did you ever get a chance to look at the file I sent you about my clipping mask problem?
  5. Hi Mike I did a successful experiment but when I try to apply it to my project it didn't work. I have attached a file for you to look at. 'A' was the successful one and 'B' the unsuccessful one. What am I doing wrong? Vector masking.afdesign
  6. I set a question regarding a problem with selecting objects along with a file on 14 Dec 2014 at 03:18pm. So far I have not had a response.
  7. Seasons greetings to you too MEB
  8. Thanks for that Miike. The mask is the preferred method. I like the idea that it is non destructive.
  9. Belay the last question! I have found the different gradients. :wub:
  10. I have just been reading Affinity Review and noticed that there are different gradients available. How do I access them? If I click on the Gradient tool I only get a linear gradient.
  11. I'm not moving out of my house now until Boxing Day :rolleyes:
  12. Hi MEB, I have attached another file in which I have replicated the problem. Using cmd I dragged a copy of 1 over to the grey rectangle and resized using the centre handle to make 1A. I then used cmd and dragged a copy of 1A to make 1B. I followed the same procedure with 2 to create 2A and 2B. Here is the problem; if you click on 1A near the bottom then 1B gets selected but if you click higher up then you do select 1A. The same thing applies to trying to select 2A Does this help? Test 2.afdesign
  13. See attached file. I'm having problems selecting objects 2, 4. 6 and 8 without using a selection envelope. Selections.afdesign
  14. Hi Matt, Its possible I changed from A4 to A3 but I can't be sure.
  15. Hi Matt, There would have been grouping, ungrouping, resizing, etc. It would be too difficult to replicate. However it would seem that there is a problem that is being addressed which is OK by me. Is there any way of providing a list of 'Undoes' for you?
  16. 1 Is there a way to 'zero' the X and Y positions to users choice? This would make it easier to move one object a precise distance from another object. 2 A similar feature could be used to reverse, at the users choice, 'Width' and 'Height' dimensions e.g. when copying a rectangle and turning it through 90 degrees.
  17. Quote from Ronnie McBride that I agree with. 'You are correct jackamus! The profiles only save on a per project basis. I wish they would save to the application like a brush or something.' This would seem to be a logical feature to have in view of saving brush profiles.
  18. As a suggestion this would be a good feature to add. The particular benefit would be for technical illustrators to choose a particular weight of line. I was going to create an example to attach but when I went back to select one of the saved pressure profiles they weren't there and I didn't bother saving the file they were created with. So I did it again and saved the file only to find that on creating a few drawing the pressure profiles were not there. Do these profiles only exist in the files they were created in rather than as a permanent part of the studio?
  19. Hi Ben, as I said perhaps it could be part of a 'draughting' feature like DrawPlus had.
  20. How do I change the diameter of a number of circles, that are all the same size, to another size at the same time rather than individually?
  21. Thanks Ben - perhaps in the future? This would be a useful feature to include with future technical drawing facility.
  22. jackamus

    Line styles

    Ok Matt I don't have a problem with creating a bitmap of the drawing to get the dotted lines.
  23. jackamus

    Line styles

    Hi Matt, The only reason I was asking about creating a custom 'dotted line' brush was so I can create dotted lines in the MAS version and then be able to print off a drawing. As it stands I can't do that until the new fixed BETA update is ready. When will that be?
  24. jackamus

    Line styles

    Hi Matt, You need to read the comments between me and MEB regarding how to produce a dotted lines for doing an engineering drawing. Here is the link https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/3533-line-styles/?view=getnewpost I was able to do it using the BETA version but it had a bug that converted all solid lines to dotted lines when printed. This will be corrected in the next BETA update.
  25. jackamus

    Line styles

    Hi MattP, I looked at the video but I can't see how that will help me with creating dotted lines. Is there not a way creating a piece of artwork that can be used to make a custom paintbrush? I've looked at the various effects to modify an existing paint brush line but nothing I can actually use.