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  1. Thanks MEB. Another string to my bow!
  2. I never thought of that. LOL!
  3. That is what I have done but I do not believe that it is correct. The effect I'm trying to achieve is a tapering line from maximum thicknes to minimum. This is the first time its happened and I have use this feature many times - I think there is a fault.
  4. Ah the Griffin. Its too rough for me.
  5. Hang on a minute! Isleham is one of those places that is not on a road to anywhere. It is a place that you deliberately go to visit. :D
  6. Thanks point taken.
  7. See attached file. Is it possible to create a bitmap brush profile like 'A' to produce a line like 'B"? If not could it be in the future? Test 6.afdesign
  8. Problem solved. Thanks. This could be the answer to one of my earlier questions about applying a gradient to a path. It would mean creating a custom brush with the appropriate gradient.
  9. Thanks for the compliments MEB. The problem with me is finding a project to illustrate. However having said that I designed a lawnmower cylinder grinder, which I am making, so I think I will have a go at that. This would be in colour.
  10. Hi Matt, Yes I saw it and what a teaser it is! However I don't think I will be using an iPad. I will probably go for the latest iMac. One of the things I haven't tried with Affinity is my drawing tablet. I have an Intuos 4 but the pen has gone all sticky. Any idea how to clean it up?
  11. I am working a scale where I need to use a font size less than 8pt. I resized the font down to 4.2pt hoping I could set a 'Style' under 'Format' but when I then type in some new text it defaults to 8pt. Is this correct? It would be a very useful feature to be able to set a smaller point size 'Style'.
  12. Thanks Matt. I'm unable to load the file without downloading an app for it. However what you say is OK. I created one and it works but how do I smooth-out the curves or reduce the number of handles without having to delete them? See file. Test 7.afdesign
  13. Did you forget to include the link Matt?
  14. No. Where do I find that?
  15. As long as they're Posidrive and not Phillips! :rolleyes: By the way we live in the same county - I'm in Isleham. Thanks Mat. When we swapping emails about introducing perspective into DP I now know what you must have been up to - Affinity!
  16. How do I create the hole so that the green will show where the grey is? File attached. Test 5.afdesign
  17. jackamus

    Make a hole

    Thanks MEB. Sorry about the confusion and the blue square! I now know exactly how it works and I've been using it to great effect. When I've finished the drawing I will post it on the forum's gallery as my first Affinity project.
  18. jackamus

    Make a hole

    I've cracked it MEB and found an easier way. I selected the grey ellipse and the blue background and used subtraction. Job done. See attached file. Test 5.afdesign
  19. jackamus

    Make a hole

    See attached file. This is what happens when I follow your instructions. What am I doing wrong? Test 5.afdesign
  20. Is it likely that Affinity will produce a linear gradient that can follow a path? What I'm thinking of in particular is using a gradient to shade a curved tube or rod/wire. How do you adjust a gradient applied to a line?
  21. jackamus


    Hi MEB, I think you missed my question about adjusting gradients on a line.
  22. jackamus

    Font sizes

    Hi, You don't even need to change them to curves. Just resize as you would any object by moving one of the corner handles. My problem was that once I resized smaller I can't repeat it by entering the new size in the Pt size box because it defaults to 8pt.
  23. See attached file. A = First ellipse. B = First ellipse plus a 'cmd' drag copy. C = Both ellipses converted to curves and using 'Break curve' cut at points X and Y. Using 'Join curves' to get join at Y but using 'Close curve' to get a join at X produces a bad cusp which changes the shape of the objects. How do I get a a 'Sharp' cusp at X and Y? Test 4.afdesign
  24. jackamus

    Joing curves

    Perfect! That's something else I've learned. Many thanks.