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  1. I think I have solved it! I grouped the photo and ellipse after clipping and now the transparency tool works. Is correct or a fluke?
  2. As far as I'm aware AD has always been like that.
  3. I bought AD when it was first published and one of the first questions I asked on this forum was. 'When you try to close a file it still stays open after you have saved it; you have to back again and click Close' I would have thought after all this time it would have been fixed. When can we expect a better choice for changing the Interface?
  4. Too complicated and shouldn't be necessary! I use Open Office and Photoshop on my Mac and if I ask it to Close it closes after saving the last open file. Why can't AD do that?
  5. No I haven't. Someone suggested that I might be able to change it in Preferences but there isn't a setting for doing that.
  6. I have a rectangular photo that I trimmed to a circle. I now want to bring it back to a rectangle. How do I do this? Dived doesn't seem to work.
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    Bingo! Thanks.
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    I trimmed it by dragging either the circle onto the photo or the other way round in the layers tab. Yes I want to restore the original shape and size.
  9. Due to diminishing eyesight I have changed the resolution on my 27" Mac monitor to the next largest to the default resolution. However this is affecting the appearance of AD. Is there a way to be able to move the Studio tabs around as I cannot see the top of them to drag. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  10. Hi Guys, I figured it out by resetting the studio!
  11. I may have asked this question before but is there a convenient way to draw to a scale in AD like in DrawPlus?
  12. All this is giving me a headache!
  13. I always get a notification sound when i get a new email rply but I'm talking about loads of bloops. Like I said its as though there is a lot of hidden activity taking placeand I am assuming it is from the AD Forum.
  14. I may get several bloops but only one reply. Its as though there is a lot of hidden activity going on.
  15. When I said years ago it was soon after AD was first published because it was a feature I used a lot in DP. BTW Why is when I am corresponding on the AD Forum that My Mac makes a lot 'blooping' sounds?
  16. I did post it years ago!
  17. And because of that people like me just have to lump-it! I'm astonished that nobody understands what I have been trying to say about how some aspects DP is better than AD. Going back to our analogies it like creating an updated model of a car that used to have electric windows but leaving them off the updated version but adding self parking mirrors.
  18. No I don't want to return to anything. I am suggesting that DP is modified to look something like PC version of AD. This because DP has some features that AD doesn't have but could be arranged/modified to look more like AD. Its about like making a Ford Escort look like a Ferrari but not perform like one.
  19. I didn't quite mean that, I meant modifying DPs existing code to look more like AD not necessarily work in the same way. It would be like taking an old 1950s analogue TV and making it look like a 1980s analogue TV.
  20. I realize that this is not a forum for DrawPlus but considering there is PC version of AD I wonder how easy or difficult it would be to modify some of DPs features to fall in line with AD? An example would be the layout of the various tools and context toolbar etc. Also DPs QS layout could match ADs etc.
  21. How does Serif prioritize requested for features?
  22. I'm 78 - maybe I can't wait that long!
  23. Do you mean that if DrawPlus can do it then there is no need to ask AD to add as a new feature?
  24. I shall have to look into this. There is one other aspect to all this that I didn't mention and that is that DrawPlus allows not only scaling but also dimensions to be applied to a drawing.