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    When I try to save this as a jpeg using Export it is now telling me that it is 926.06KB (too big). However when I upload it to this reply my computer it is saying it is 610K and after uploading the Forum says it is now 595.9KB. Why are there three different sizes? Check this drawing against my previous description. Rescaling.afdesign
  2. I do have the Beta version but I haven't been using it much. Is this feature going to be included in the other version?
  3. Hi Dale, I did a little experiment where I created a shape containing lines and a gradient. When I scaled down the object the lines stayed the same thickness as I set them but looked thicker with respect to the original size. The gradient scaled down OK and looked OK. The vertical line could be a join between two pipes. In the scaled down version this join is too thick. If the proportional thickness of a line is important then scaling is to be avoided unless converting into a bitmap. Unfortunately I can't attache the file because it too large (1.2MB - Less than A5!).
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    In order to get it down small enough to send, according to Affinity's jpeg Export, it would be too small to view. In fact at 20px x 14px it is 770KB! Am I doing something wrong? The original file if converted to a jpeg (3507.9 x 2480.3) would be 1.28MB.
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    Bulb rendering

    A man after my own heart!
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    OMEGA Speedmaster

    Excellent piece of work and my kind of illustration. There are those who would say , "why not use a photograph?" My answer to that is you couldn't take a photo that good! Well done!
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    That's the one key I didn't press! Thanks. How can I post an Affinity file to display my work if it is too large? Reducing the file loses some of the effects.
  8. Is there a way of separating each of these shapes? This object is a result of using the combining shapes tool. I want to be able to put a separate fills in each shape. I could simply copy the object 6 times and delete one shape at a time. Is this my only option? Separate objects.afdesign
  9. When will it not be necessary to continue developing Affinity Beta? Is the intention to eventually combine both?
  10. Below is a comment from Peter about my attached file. I therefore submit this a s a bug. "I've just opened your file in the MAS version and had the same problems as you described. So I opened up a new document after copying it. the grey box was separated from the milled edge/black bars. The black bars were small, by the way. Now the black bars can be manipulated. I think this is a bug and should be posted in the relevant area of the forum..." Flipping objects.afdesign
  11. Why am I not able to flip this group? See attached file. Flipping objects.afdesign
  12. I've experimented further with the attached file. 1 It will not flip as a group of black and white objects. 2 When ungrouped the black and white groups will flip individually. 3 Having ungrouped them and then re-grouping them they will now flip together. I then went back to my drawing to experiment and lo and behold the group now flipped thus curing my original problem. Having now said all that I retried the attached test file and it will not flip without doing the above. If you can understand all this you are doing well! Flipping objects.afdesign
  13. If this is the case then I would have a problem testing the Beta version doing a complex project as this is the only way I can truly test it. The flipping bug I have just found on the Apps version was because I was using it. If I had been using the Beta version it might not have shown up as a Beta bug. I have just tried it and the group will not 'Flip' in the Beta version either.
  14. This suggests that it would be sensible to just use the Beta version since it will have new features. I am currently drawing a quite complex technical illustration on the AppStore version - will I be able to continue with the drawing using the Beta version?
  15. Thanks MEB. I eventually did it by making multiple copies and deleting each shape in turn. Next time I'll know better.
  16. Now I understand! I already have the official version - so it should be possible for me.
  17. So its only available on the Beta version?
  18. Looking at the shortcut pdf I can't see a shortcut for breaking a curve. Is there one? I'm drawing a gear wheel and I need to break an awful lot of curves!
  19. I would just like to say that the 'Paste style' tool is a very useful one. I have used it a great deal in my latest coloured technical illustration. This is so much easier to use than the DP version.
  20. Cheers. Its a bit long winded. Its a pity that the whole swatch cannot be selected and saved as a custom swatch with a gradient or whatever added.
  21. 'Timelime' is excellent. Very simple to use - just click when you start and click when you finish. It accumulates as you stop and start.
  22. I don't know if this is an Affinity issue or OS issue but is there a way to to find out how much time a file has been worked on?
  23. Mac Apps store does one called 'Timelime' I'm going to give it a go.
  24. Thanks MEB. I have just found this software for time tracking. Does anyone know anything about it? http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/track-spend-time-mac-timing/