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  1. Further news! Only the last page was saved as an exported pdf. Does that help?
  2. Thanks MEB but I'm afraid it is too personal to even do that. It doesn't appear to have saved the artboard conversion as a pdf in AD. Should I try using AD Beta?
  3. I have now exported the file as a pdf but I'm not sure if anything is happening! There's no progress bar.
  4. In screenshot I removed the content and just left blank pages as it was confidential. I managed to answer my own question! I converted each layer to an Artboard one at a time. It was not possible to do them all selected at the same time. The job is now done and now I will see if I can save it as a multi-page pdf.
  5. Do I need to do this for each layer?
  6. Could the answer be Affinity Publisher? But that is not ready yet is it?
  7. I suppose what I am asking is can AD create a multi-page document containing all the layers as separate pages?
  8. That was quick! I'm not sure if this will work for me. He appeared to create two separate pdfs and then merge them in to one pdf. 1 My problem is that I have a doc with one AD file name and 38 layers - one layer per page. 2 There is no document size shown but each layer would be A4 Screen shot.afdesignScreen shot.afdesign
  9. I have opened a multi-page pdf doc in AD for editing. When opened many of the words are underlined in red as though they were spelt wrongly which is not the case. I tend to think that they are an artifact that has just appeared for no reason. Is this a know oddity and can they be removed? They disappear if I uncheck 'Check spelling while typing'.
  10. jackamus

    PDF docs

    I checked this and it is OK. One thing I didn't say was that only the pages, that I originally typed in Open Office and saved as a pdf, are affected. Maybe going from an odt file to a pdf and then opened in AD is asking too much of the software. What do you think?
  11. jackamus

    PDF docs

    I checked the language and it was set at 'Default' so I changed it to 'English' and restarted the AD. When I re-opened the pdf it still showed the incorrect red underlining. If I uncheck they go but when I check they come back.
  12. How do I apply a customized colour profile to Preferences?
  13. The customized profile is visible in the RGB list but in the CMYK list. This is the profile I use for printing when using Photoshop.
  14. This is a first for me! How do I apply colour to a BW jpeg cartoon drawing? My pallets are all B&W.
  15. Why can I put an outline round a jpeg photo but not round a psd photo? Is there some way I can change the psd file so it will?
  16. Yes I did notice the 'Embedded' label on the layer and that's when I noticed that it was only the psd images that were embedded.
  17. Does that mean the only way to draw a line round a psd image is using a QS rectangle?
  18. I created a doc, I selected 'Place image tool' and chose a jpeg photo. I then put a 1pt stroke round the photo. Using the 'Place image tool' again I selected a photo that I had saved as psd image but could not apply a stroke s I did with the jpeg. I assume that AD treats psd images differently from jpegs.
  19. Thanks but I got round it by drawing a QS rectangle round each one. Next time I will make sure i save the PhtoShop file as a jpeg.
  20. Just to add to my reply - I tried making the ellipse twice the size I needed in the hope that when I reduced it back down to the correct size after applying the transparency, the effect would be twice as narrow but it wasn't it was still the same width. I've noticed this before that transparency doesn't scale.
  21. I have just clipped a rectangular photo to an ellipse. I now want to apply the ellipse transparency tool to soften the edges of the ellipse but it is not doing it. The tool handles are visible and moveable but no transparency is being applied. Why?
  22. Actually that is what I did but for a different reason. I wanted the transparency effect to be very narrow. So I moved the node, for changing the width of the effect, as far as it would go which was still too wide. I then created an ellipse, with no fill, gave it a suitable stroke thickness and with the same colour as the background. I then applied a Gaussian blur and aligned it over the top of the photos ellipse.
  23. Thanks for the technical answer Dan.
  24. I completed the clip and then grouped.