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  1. The problem with sending the file is that is very personal and not something I would want to share on a forum however I'm happy to share it privately it that is possible. Its do with the recent passing of my beloved wife.
  2. It gets worse! AD 1.7 has made it very difficult for me to edit a 40 page (artboard layers) created in the previous AD. That is why I want to somehow reload the previous version of AD. I can't do it from my Mac's Time Machine as it says the file may be corrupted.
  3. Another problem! Why can't I click on an artboard and see it highlighted in the layers tab? If I click on the artboard in the layers tab then the artboard becomes highlighted. An artboard does become highlighted in the layers tab if I click on an object on the artboard.
  4. I think I've got another legacy problem! Previously I could get a guide line to show on adjacent artboards and now I can't. It makes it difficult to line-up margins and page numbers. Note: I'm using artboards as pages each on a separate layer.
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    OK. When I checked Time Machine and found the last previous version of AD it said I couldn't open it as if may be corrupted. When would it have been automatically updated to 1.7 so I can check the most recent earlier version?
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    I originally purchased AD at the time it was first published. My email address then is now defunct so I can't sign-in to the Affinity shop. How do I re-subscribe to Serif so that I may check-out my downloads and product keys?
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    BTW where would I find the previous installer?
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    No I didn't try the fix because it is too different for me and I do not want any more bugs. I'm too long in the tooth to handle update changes etc. I really got used to the previous version and know where everything is. My contention with software updates is if it works OK then leave it. Why is it necessary to make what amounts to cosmetic changes if it foesn't change functionality? As I said in a previous message, why waste development time making cosmetic changes when the time could be better employed developing requested features?
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    How can I re-load the previous version of AD? Should I be able to do this from by backup files?
  10. What happened to the snapping ON/OFF tool in the new AD version?
  11. The new AD download lost my workspace layout. I have now recreated my workspace so how do I save it on my Mac
  12. Right. What you say makes a lot of sense and indeed the new workspace was saved when I closed down AD and reopened it Everything is hunky-dory again. PS Walt you look a bit like Burl Ives!
  13. With the previous AD version I never had to do this. My workspace was always the way I wanted it every time I opened AD. So what's different?
  14. What do I do with the 'copy'? Where do I past it?
  15. I'm sorry to sound so obtuse but what 'Option' key?
  16. Where do I find the folder to search in? Is this going to be obvious to other AD users?
  17. Oops sorry! There I go shooting from the hip again! Because the update was automatic I didn't see the release notes until I opened your link. The cube grid could be useful but until I try it I won't know.
  18. Have I just had a new version of AD automatically loaded? Object handles disappear when moving a guide line - I don't remember that happening with the previous version.
  19. I have version 1.7.0. and it crashed twice whilst trying to open an existing file using 'Open Recent'. I had to navigate to the folder where it was saved to open it. Why do the developers waste time making cosmetic changes to AD when there are more pressing long standing requests being asked for?
  20. I use the iMac version.
  21. It would seem that starting this 'Guides' thread that I may have opened a can of worms for the developers! There have been many suggestions about improving the versatility/usability of the current guide feature. I have basically copied and pasted all the suggestions into this one combined suggestion. From jackamus It would be useful to be able to set some locked guides (a different colour perhaps) whilst being able to use movable guides as well. Attached is a file for having 4 different types of guide lines Guid lines.afdesign The colour of the guides would be a default colour as well as a a user choice. One of the suggestions I made some time ago was to be able to see an objects handles/nodes when moving a guide. I'm still waiting for that one. From Aammppaa The colour coding might be nice.  A Guide layer. Allow the user to export / print with guides visible. Form CLCI I also got a suggestion for guides. When you use Guide Manager and click the guide's coordinates, be it horizontal or vertical one, the guide itself should get highligted (maybe change color) so you know what guide you're working with. Also, multiple guide selection in Guides Manager pane would be huge improvement. From Nicky G I also find the use of this panel for guides to be nice, but uncomfortable. 1. As you say you should highlight the guide in focus with different color 2. selection and movement of several guides (as if they were grouped) 3. Creating Guides rotated at user-defined angles 4. creation of vector shapes (any form) in guide, as happens in Ai. 5. possibility to open the guide panel by double clicking on the guide itself. (it would avoid the GUIDE DISPLAY / MANAGEMENT step) 6. Possibility of selecting and direct highlighting of the guide on the drawing table and moving the guide ALSO through the XY axes inside the panel visible on the screen Transform. It would speed up the numerical displacement of a guide (as happens in Ai). I In my opinion it would also be useful, by pressing at the same time as dragging the guides, for example CTRL, to activate a SNAP of the guide on the numerical notches of the ruler, 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7- 8 mm. And depending on the Zoom, it is possible to hook the guides to intermediate sizes 0.5mm - 1mm - 1.5mm - 2mm - 2.5mm .... Higher zoom even with 1/10 mm notches etc ... 1.1mm - 1.2 - 1.3 .... Dragging without the CTRL key the operation remains the same as now. From catlover My only remaining beefs about the guides are these two: 1. they should extend all the way to the rulers 2. the user should be able to choose the color Other than that, the devs did a cracking job with the guides.
  22. Is there a way to choose particular guides and lock them?
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    When you say extend to the rules, you can do this if you use a large Artboard. I don't use Artboards as I like to see the edges of the document I'm working on. So I agree that to see the guides extend to the rules on the background would be very useful. One of the suggestions I made some time ago was to be able to see an objects handles/nodes when moving a guide. I'm still waiting for that one.
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    AD Updates

    Thanks for the reminder however when I go to the Edit signature window it's jumping about as though it has 10,000v going through it! What do I do?
  25. Am I right in assuming that the last AD update was just over a year ago?