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  1. How do revert to the default 'Greys' pallet? I have a number of unwanted greys that I can only delete one at a time or is there a way to delete multiple greys?
  2. Thanks again. Excuse my thickyness but I selected 'Document palette' and selected a colour fill but it only appeared in the 'Recent palette'. Also how do I name the palette?
  3. Thanks. How do I create a pallet where new colours, as I use them, are saved? At the moment they just get added to the grey swatch. The 'Recent' swatch can only hold 10 colours.
  4. How do I permanently stop margins appearing in every new doc I open? Is it possible to maintain this even when I do want margins just for one doc?
  5. jackamus

    Saxophone Work in progress

    Thanks for the support MEB and comments about my website. Actually I'm not a 'petrol head' my interest in cars is no more than in planes and trains - they are mechanical marvels that I like to paint as realistically as possible. I agree that what is often seen in a photo cannot be reproduced artificially to still look correct. This is where artistic flair comes in. I find the same problem when trying to establish the perspective - vanishing points and horizon, from using construction lines drawn on the original photo. It is nearly always necessary to fudge a bit to make it look right.
  6. jackamus

    Saxophone Work in progress

    Further to the saxophone illustration I would like to preserve just a little creativity for myself and that is I did not use the Colour picker to copy the colours in the original photo. I used my eye to select the colours from a pallet. Just to round off this series of revelation, attached is a file showing the reverse process of going from one of my painting to trying to imitate the same subject in computer graphics. The attached file was started when I used to use Serif's 'DrawPlus'. I used the 'Find edges' original of the car and then worked on it using DrawPlus. I was able to import the file into AD as a pdf. This preserved all the objects for so that it could be finished off. When that will be I do not know. SS_Jaguar_2_(1)-1.pdf
  7. jackamus

    Saxophone Work in progress

    I'm astonished at the very generous compliments AD users are giving my Saxophone work in progress. I really do not deserve it. I'm surprised that nobody as asked me how I created the first layer, saxophone edges? I can assure you that my drawing is not as clever as many think it is. Let me reveal how I created the first layer. 1 I first found a suitable photograph of a saxophone.See attached pjeg. 2 I then opened it in 'Photoshop' and converted in into greyscale mode and then used the filter 'Find edges'. This give me my first layer in AD. From then on I just used the original jpeg as a reference for all the different shapes and shading. This is not a work of original creation but more an exercise in using AD for producing an accurate copy. This is how I create my canvases when I do a painting from a photograph. I create a 'Find edges' jpeg and get it printed onto a canvas and then paint on top. It may be cheating but it saves me a lot of time in drawing. This link will take you to my website.I http://www.classiccarartist.co.uk/
  8. jackamus

    Saxophone Work in progress

    Thanks to all for their kind compliments. I started work on this just after AD was published and then I left it to do other projects. One of the beauties of AD is being able to copy effects and styles from one object to another.
  9. Is it possible to name pressure profiles?
  10. You can't please everyone all the time especially me! The 'Light' UI is great but there are some tabs that I would prefer to be dark - colour is one of them. Therefore the obvious question is going to be"Why not a user choice of Light/Dark for all the tabs?"
  11. I would be intersted in how you got a white background to the Styles tab? The dark grey pallet backgrounds have always been a problem for me.
  12. I know that! What I am asking is why? What is the rational reason for the inclusion of the cats thing?
  13. But why inflict users with such a useless variable feature. Just because its always been like this is not a very good argument. Maybe its time to think outside the box! Considering how complex computers are and how easily they can 'lose' it why add to the problem. I don't really think that Serif can have a 'rational' explanation for this cat thing. Everything else in AD etc has a defined useable purpose. What purpose does this cat thing have?
  14. I understand this but they have arbitrarily 'messed' with their own settings that serves no good purpose and only confuses people like myself. From what you say the Styles 'look' has been programmed into AD. As far as I'm concerned this was a bad move and I think it should be removed on the next available AD update.
  15. Are you saying I can choose different looks in the Styles panel? Cogs or Cats?
  16. I realise that it doesn't change the function, It is just that I strongly object to the developers 'playing' around with my AD and the look that I have given it. There is really no need for this kind of practical joke. When I first saw these cats I tried everything I knew to discover how I could have done this! I closed down AD in the hope that the cats would go away and then I resorted to re-loading an older file from my backup drive also to no avail. Come-on lads lets stop playing games with AD. If anyone agrees with me lets have a show of hands.
  17. Having vented my spleen about the cats I'll go back to the original comment I was going to make about pen pressure. I make full use of the Stroke Pressure and dotted feature to set varying stroke effects. Before I send a file to demonstrate this will my file also carry over the Style pallet that I used? If not how can I do this so that you will see what I have done?
  18. I don't think I like this!!! The cats have gone but I'm I don't think I like Affinity messing with my AD settings without my knowledge! To me this is a serious matter! I really do hope that it will not happen again.
  19. The back-up file still has the Pussycat styles. Help! Why did this happen and how do I get back to my original styles?
  20. I was about to respond to this using my 'Styles' pallet when I noticed that they had all changed from the 'shapes' I had saved them into Pussycats!!!!! How the hell did that happen? I'm going to try and restore my original styles from reloading a back-up file.
  21. Sometimes when drawing I copy objects many times and get left with a lot of duplicate objects. Is there a way to highlight and remove duplicates?
  22. Hi MEB, This is exactly what has been happening! Thanks for the advice.
  23. I suddenly have 'marching ants' going round the edge of my document. Where did they come from and how do I stop them? What is their purpose?