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  1. Hello everyone I have found a very interesting blog today about porting windows applications to linux. These date back 2014 but are very well written, for those interested: https://anteru.net/blog/2014/02/05/2272/index.html part 1 https://anteru.net/blog/2014/02/13/2275/index.html part 2 https://anteru.net/blog/2014/02/21/2305/index.html part 3 there are a lot of interesting posts on this site, beware! There are 2 recap, one after 6months and the other after a year in which he mentions debugging is harder on linux, it was prior the existence of CLion. Hope you enjoy a
  2. Greetings ! Thanks for the welcoming word :) Oh well, I saw that post after looking at your reply. Python would be more flexible with other applications but not allow smooth transition of the library of photoshop scripts to affinity photo... For that then need JS. Maybe in the future. As for docker (https://www.docker.com), it may ease development of their app to multiple platforms, another business decision.
  3. Maybe Docker would help ease deploy to linux if serif is using it. I'd greatly enjoy a linux version... So would many 3d artists working in games/films industry. AP looks really cool, Im waiting for python integration before I buy. Keep up the good work!
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