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  1. It would be wrong to assume only 5 people find the lack of uncompressed files a problem. Typically, for every 1 person that takes the time to report a problem or frustration in their usage, there are a dozen that don't. So you have 100's who are likely frustrated over this. AP does a lot of things very well. It also does a lot of things "not quite right". I understand that it's an evolving product, but to pass off issues like this as too insignificant to be concerned about is a dis-service to the product and it's customers. I would not be making a comment on this at all (why bother), except to add my feedback to your response about this missing feature. I want AP to work well. I want it to be the best solution there is. But as I've found frustrations over things like this, I have also found I'm using it less and less over time. The details do mater.
  2. DVan

    Affinity Photo SUCKS

    Agree 110%. Ridiculous limitation. Coding incompetence.
  3. DVan

    raw file thumbnails

    I've been using the Free "IrfanView64-Thumbnails" to preview my .pef files. Also to batch rename. Let us know if you get a response from Ricoh, as would be very helpful to be able to see those everywhere.