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  1. It would be wrong to assume only 5 people find the lack of uncompressed files a problem. Typically, for every 1 person that takes the time to report a problem or frustration in their usage, there are a dozen that don't. So you have 100's who are likely frustrated over this. AP does a lot of things very well. It also does a lot of things "not quite right". I understand that it's an evolving product, but to pass off issues like this as too insignificant to be concerned about is a dis-service to the product and it's customers. I would not be making a comment on this at all (why bother), except to add my feedback to your response about this missing feature. I want AP to work well. I want it to be the best solution there is. But as I've found frustrations over things like this, I have also found I'm using it less and less over time. The details do mater.
  2. DVan

    Affinity Photo SUCKS

    Agree 110%. Ridiculous limitation. Coding incompetence.
  3. DVan

    raw file thumbnails

    I've been using the Free "IrfanView64-Thumbnails" to preview my .pef files. Also to batch rename. Let us know if you get a response from Ricoh, as would be very helpful to be able to see those everywhere.
  4. Back to this Aero problem... What would be helpful (since you won't eliminate it), would be to have a way to turn of the warning/stopping of the program when Aero is not running. Setting the "--no-dwm-warning" bit in multiple locations can be busy and error prone, and will not work in some cases (like sending files in from some external applications). Having a flag to turn the warn/stop off in the preferences or .config file would prevent a lot of the frustration over this.
  5. Sorry to hear that about Linux, but was the expected answer. I'd move entirely to Linux, if the apps I care about where there. I'm writing this on Linux, as I do all my general email/web (and a few other) type things where they work well on it. The most stable and secure environment I have. It is getting better with more things becoming available. Just need more apps like yours to show up there! Yes, am aware of EOLife stuff, but won't keep me from using it. I still run a couple of my old XP box's in Virtual Machines, as it's they only way to run selected apps that aren’t worth the cost or time to port/upgrade. In a case or 2, porting is not even possible. I do believe a fresh install of Win10 can be made to run well enough, but have too many horror stories of people close to me that have "attempted" (and failed) upgrades, so will never be doing that. Maybe Win12 will be worth looking at by the time I'm ready to start again from scratch.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. There are multiple reasons I stay on Win 7. I have no plans to EVER upgrade beyond it. With almost a decade of a huge variety of demanding applications installed on this machine, this is the only one I've seen that requires this global environmental adjustment to run properly. Any chance you'll port this to Linux?
  7. I'm running the trial ( and hit this Aero problem with Win7. I run tons of diverse stuff and this is the first time I've seen this as a requirement. Runs with the --no-dwm-warning adjustment, BUT... I do not want and have no plans to turn on Aero. I have seen a few cases with screens not re-drawing, but have no idea what other problems may appear as I use various other things. The responses here refer to the beta test versions. We are now Live. Obviously not fixed. Any plans to fix this this? If so when? I want to like / use this program, but not if it's going to be a problem within my environment.