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    nodeus reacted to hexaae in Add Mesh Wrap as Live filter   
    Please, can you add Mesh Wrap to Live filters? I need it as a live filter for Embedded documents sources manipulation.
    This way it will be easy to replace the image (in the Embedded document) and keep the deformed mesh intact.

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    nodeus reacted to TheOkster in Studio Link Support for Designer and Photo   
    Studio Link sounds like a really good feature, but my only gripe with it is it only works within Affinity Publisher! It would be great if we could access high quality raster tools and easily switch between raster and vector using Photo and Designer, not just Publisher.
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    nodeus reacted to Dan C in Keyboard shortcut for "rename layer or group"   
    Hi btribble
    Unfortunately this doesn't currently exist as a keyboard shortcut, my apologies!
    I'll move this thread to our Feedback section of the forums for our devs to see and consider adding in the future.
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    nodeus reacted to btribble in Keyboard shortcut for "rename layer or group"   
    Someone please tell me this is already a thing?
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    nodeus reacted to Jhonatan S Silva in Vector Tools - more enhancements   

    Just posting here my feedback about the vector tools.
    When I'm drawing in vector I feel that the nodes sometimes are generated not very well and I spend a good time just to adjust and remove these nodes, you guys can check my youtube videos and see that this also happens with the IPAD Pro even using Apple pencil,  I think there can be an option to apply a sort of cleaner of nodes to reduce these points, or during the drawing, a better way to optimize these nodes generated automatically. I think this example attached can make sense about my feedback.



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    nodeus reacted to wangkanai in Export Persona cause Designer to crash   
    I have a unusual issue with my designer file, I can't open export persona with this file. (tested on 2 computers also).
    I have a new designer project and see that nothing wrong. Just this file has problem.

    Affinity Designer
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    nodeus reacted to Zeklandia in Designer crashes in Export Persona (Windows, Designer,   
    This is happening on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit with Affinity Designer
    I have this one file that crashes Affinity Designer when switched to the Export Persona. I can manually export each Artboard fine in the Draw Persona.
    It gets more complicated, though. I have this file link-embedded in several other files (Problem file > other files). Those other files can be switched to the Export Persona fine, but clicking on the Slices pane causes a crash. Exporting from the Draw Persona still works in those files.
    But it gets weirder. I have one file in which I have link-embedded one of those other files with the problem file link-embedded (Problem file > other file > this one file). It does not cause crashes when switching to the Export Persona or using the Slices pane, and can successfully export all Slices as expected.
    I have attached the problem file.
    P.S. I know it isn't supposed to be possible to link embed files in Designer 1.7.2, but I needed it because I keep editing these files and link-embedding made replacing old versions much easier. When I needed to reload the link-embedded files, I would just open the file in Publisher and update it there.
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    nodeus reacted to dreggio in Designer 1.7 keeps crashing when using export persona   
    Computer and Software are up to date, but Designer keeps crashing when I try to enter export persona. 
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    nodeus reacted to Christine M in Feature Request: Ability to Rearrange Master Pages   
    I would really like the ability to rearrange the order of Master Pages in Affinity Publisher. Is this on the roadmap? Thanks!
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    nodeus reacted to Petar Petrenko in Resampling embedded images   
    is there a way to non-destructivly resample embedded images in Publisher/Designer to make its files much smaller?
    If not, it could be a good idea when creating a new Publisher document to have a "Resample to:" feature when "Prefer Embedded" is choosen?
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    nodeus reacted to jakamaschi in linked images on different computers   
    I edit a Affinität Publisher document together with a friend. He work on the text-part, i on the image part. All images are linked and stored in one folder beside the Publisher document. But since Publisher stored the absolute path to the images an exchange of the Publisher document is not really practicable, since the absolute paths on each computer are not the same. Therefore after exchanging the document, both get the warning of missing resources and have to replace every(!) image manually inside the Resource manager. Since we have several dozens of images in our document, every time a laboriously, painstaking and error-prone job.
    My question: is it not possible to change the path to all linked images with only one single change of the path to the folder? Or to use a relative path to the images, relative to the Publisher document. Or a tiny, little bit of AI inside the resource manager to search for the missing images, after one had manually exchange the first missing image and therefore giving a new path to the images?
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    nodeus reacted to thomaso in Layer Panel :: Show current Artboard only, hide others   
    I would like to tick on/off an option in the Layers panel to show only the layers of my current Artboard and hide other Artboard Layers in the panel.
    I would also appreciate if, alternatively,  'unused' Artboard Layers could be set to automatically close when I select a different Artboard on canvas.
    Just as already a corresponding Artboard Layer is automatically opened when I select it on the canvas.
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    nodeus got a reaction from phph in Mockup for instagram «A2 poster» in Affinity Designer   
    Free Mockup A2 poster design for Instagram posts
    Download it for free here.
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    nodeus got a reaction from ivanozzo in Data Driven Color Schemes (Affinity palette)   
    This set is based on schemes from https://carto.com/carto-colors/

    Download palette: Data Driven Color Schemes.afpalette
    Download AD sample: data driven color schemes.afdesign
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    nodeus got a reaction from ivanozzo in Data Driven Color Schemes (Affinity palette)   
    This set is based on schemes from https://carto.com/carto-colors/

    Download palette: Data Driven Color Schemes.afpalette
    Download AD sample: data driven color schemes.afdesign
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    nodeus reacted to Aammppaa in Small Thumbnails in Pages panel only show as list not grid   
    1. Create a new document and add 100 pages.
    2. Expand the Pages panel to fill the entire screen.
    Result: On the default thumbnail size of Medium, the pages are shown as a grid, filling the whole panel.
    3. Change the thumbnail size to Small.
    Result: The pages are shown as a column, filling only a narrow slice of the available space.
    This was mentioned way back during beta testing, but didn't get comment from Affinity developers…
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    nodeus reacted to Dave Vector in Expand Stroke - Needs Better Node Simplification   
    I felt I should resurrect this post from "Older Feedback & Suggestion Posts".  @MattP  indicated this was an important issue, and not trivial to implement (which I totally respect).  I was hoping this would get addressed in version 1.7, but it did not.  Can anyone from Serif talk about where this sits in the development schedule? 
    Original Post:
    MattP's Post:
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    nodeus got a reaction from ivanozzo in Data Driven Color Schemes (Affinity palette)   
    This set is based on schemes from https://carto.com/carto-colors/

    Download palette: Data Driven Color Schemes.afpalette
    Download AD sample: data driven color schemes.afdesign
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    nodeus got a reaction from ivanozzo in Data Driven Color Schemes (Affinity palette)   
    This set is based on schemes from https://carto.com/carto-colors/

    Download palette: Data Driven Color Schemes.afpalette
    Download AD sample: data driven color schemes.afdesign
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    nodeus reacted to ErrkaPetti in Found very nasty bug, related to tables.   
    The first bug (with 2 pages and selection all of two tables in both pages) is still a craching bug in latest beta of Publisher (windows 1.72.422)...
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    nodeus reacted to MuuSer in Found very nasty bug, related to tables.   
    Make new document with two pages. Then insert to both of them a table.
    Now take page one and select with mouse dragging all cells from top left to bottom right. Then scroll to second page (don’t select second page from pages studio, or you lose selection from table one) and instantly begin drag from upper left cell from table in second page for selecting all cells in those too. Magic happens – Publisher disappears as never been there…
    Windows 7 64bit Service pack 1, 12 giga RAM, Intel i7, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti.
    One more. If I put table to master page and then change information on them not in master page, but on ordinary pages that use that master page, I can’t change cell insets values anymore, as in real page they are grayed (that I understand why), but when I change them in Master Page, in Master Page I can see changes, but in child pages not. Are you kidding? Where I can then change table formatting, if in child page they are grayed and changing them in master page did not affect child pages?
    And one strange thing more. When I start Publisher and make new document, it’s beginning type is Print (Press-Ready) and size A3. But surprise, surprise – layout says that document width is 210mm and height 99mm! And yes exactly this size new document will be. If I choose from page preset A4 and then A3 again, then correct sizes appear.
    And if we already talking about Affinity programs, then why the hell all Affinity programs, older and last ones too, send ‘ (apostrophe) character to my keyboard buffer? It is little bit annoying, I think.
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    nodeus reacted to RVGK in Export PDF artifacts   
    Exporting PDF-Print results artifacts when non-breaking hyphen inserted
    Continued problem betas and
    NOBRK- artifacts.tiff
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    nodeus reacted to boudewijndanser in [ADe] Select same color / fill / stroke / appearance   
    It would be very useful to have functions to select the same:
    Color fill stroke (color / width) Appearance To quickly select all your outlines, or background element in 1 color. 
    Speed is everything.  :)
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    nodeus reacted to nonresidentalien in Feature request: 'Select same' color, line, fill etc   
    Dear developer team,
    Thanks for implementing so many feature request! Besides the now implemented 'align to key object', which I very frequently use, I am missing a very basic selection tool that would make my live so much easier. It would be great if there was an option to select all objects that share the same line for fill color, line thickness, font property etc.. I often work with figures coming from different scientific programs and cleaning and unifying those up takes a lot of work as one has to chase all instances of a certain color, line thickness etc by hand... I am also sure that every graphical designer who change their mind mid-design would be grateful for this feature.
    Thanks for considering,
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    nodeus got a reaction from Igor Fokusov in Document timer   
    Document timer.
    Very often it is necessary to know the total time of working with the document, the number of re-savings and/or savings under a new name.
    Yes, there is an option to use external applications to track the working time of the document, but it would be very useful to store this metainformation and save it from Affinity programs to csv/json/xls, etc.
    I hope many people will benefit from this feature and appreciate it in the cool Affinity applications.


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