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  1. "Incorrect Affinity Account Email or Product Key. These can be found in your Affinity Account. The Email address is the address used at time of order placement" I accidentally installed the beta version on the wrong hard drive. At the second time, it did not accept email/key anymore.
  2. Hello, When I use a crop tool and after cropping it leaves a 1px empty border. Is it possible that it does not go over the photo?
  3. I tried different layers (Layer, Fill Layer and Mask) and still it does not work. Adjustment and Live Filter Layer menu contains a number of options, but not all. edit. sorry, i I meant on the layer, not under.
  4. Hello, For example, when I use a feature Haze Removal..., I want to create a new level so I can change it backwards if needed. To do this - to my understanding - I need to create a new maks layer below the image - but nothing happens when I change the settings.

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