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  1. It has piqued my interest in Affinity Photo, but it does not seem to have a built-in file management system. 🤔
  2. I have been looking for a way to successfully integrate Smart Photo Editor into Affinity Photo as a plugin!
  3. @mykee Yes, you are right, I saw the difference! I'm not sure why I need to activate the checkbox, which causes problems! I would love to know much more of this thing! Thanks in advance!
  4. I didn't see anything wrong here, In my opinion, you must see some solution from Ezra on YouTube! She has some solutions to the same issue.
  5. Very nice and explained. I just tried to do this on the iPad version of Affinity photo, turned out great. But the flower is on the subject of my work. You have one of the most pleasing ways of presenting. Thanks!
  6. Thank you and have a good Covid time 2020. I have a nice experience already but this time someone will check out this trial on them to learn how to use them more efficiently.
  7. Many thanks for these, I just need some basic and useful tutorials such as Photo Editing related.
  8. Thanks Carl123! It makes me happy to get a clue to solve the issue.. Once again thanks so much....
  9. I'm feeling embarrassed with the white color in Affinity Photo, and I know it's not my computer or monitor problem. Because, I saw Affinity Photo itself created this problem. Check screenshot, below. I also have Photoshop CC, but that's fine. So, could anyone say something about this issue, Please?
  10. Hello guys! You know that in PS we are using Ctrl / Alt + Space bur to control Zoom in or out. Do you've any keyboard shortcut there in Affinity to control Zoom tool? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello I'm Biju from Bangladesh, I'm newbie in Affinity. Just thinking about it. -_-
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