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  1. Thanks guys! I already thought about those places, but thought there is something more like the iPhone frames you can find all over the internet. 100% for free. I got the one from FreeVectorMaps, but if I ever need to use it, I'll have to pay for it because I can't leave in their copyright inside of client deliverables. The Q was more oriented toward a specific resource that I can download and use, without such a need. Downloaded a couple SVGs from Wikipedia but they're not that good. :) Best,
  2. Hey guys! I find myself needing to use/edit a high quality world map for various projects. The maps I've found so far are really under the quality standard we put into the design, but I didn't find a good one. Does someone maybe know of a free vector world map or something like that somewhere? Would appreciate it. Thanks!
  3. Robert Indries

    Affinity Stops Working Every Minute Or So

    Hehe, yeah! You were super helpful! The feedback so far was superb. They loved it! :) Thanks for removing the files! I deleted them also now. Will start a post to see if anyone knows of a vector 2D World Map of sorts. I keep needing one in various projects. Again, thank you and have a superb day!
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    Affinity Stops Working Every Minute Or So

    Hey Alex! Thank you so much for your help!! I've done what you said and it worked! I just haven't responded because I've been working day/night to finish the entire UX. I eventually delivered it 1 workday late, but still, it's done! Final file has 65 screens, all with detailed explanations. Now I'm waiting for feedback from the client, but I don't think much will change. :) Again, thank you so much and have a wonderful day! P.S.: If you ever need help with tech/marketing/business topics, just check out www.wesrom.com and as for Robert. I'll make sure you get VIP treatment. ;)
  5. Robert Indries

    Affinity Stops Working Every Minute Or So

    Hey ABC! I read your reply and was like "Yes! He knows!!" And then I went to do what you said and found it's already set like that... I attached a screenshot. There are some checkmark differences, but I'm not sure those affect. Anything else that comes to mind?
  6. Hey guys! I've been using AD for many months now and love it. Right now, though, I'm having a big issue -- something that has never happened before. Issue: Affinity keeps stopping, if that's the correct term, every minute or so. The apple beachball turns and turns and turns for like 30 seconds until it does what I told it to do. I have the latest Retina MacBook Pro with 16Gb of RAM and a ton of free storage space. Hardware shouldn't be an issue. Other apps, I closed off. I attached the AD file I'm having issues with. Nothing out of the ordinary. I'm just working on a random UX project for a client. (It's confidential by the way. Please delete it if you download it.) What I have noticed is that it happens right after the pink lines appear, when it shows you I think a contour of the elements close to the mouse. I actually want to disable that, but haven't found the setting to do it. I don't like that "feature." The only thing that might be an issue, I think, is the PSD iPhone 6 template I use, but I mean that shouldn't be the issue, plus I haven't found an AD template on the internet, just PSD and AI. Final note: It doesn't always do it. I make quite a few changes -- small or large, doesn't matter -- and then randomly it just stops working. I have a deadline to deliver this until tomorrow. I have all the sketches so I know what to do, but I this has been slowing me down a lot. Please help. Thank you!!