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  1. Yup did that today. Cancelled my trial of Duet pro (saving$20pa) and bought Affinity for iPad ($20once only). Instant love. It even has a folder based filing system which is rare for iPad. No brainer!.
  2. Yes I do have thanks but it still doesn't work. Duet tech support suggested the same. Can you liaise with them? I'm sure it would help both your sales if the two were compatible. At the moment they are not. Nick
  3. I have set up an iPad pro with Apple Pencil as second screen and tablet to a Dell Windows laptop with an app called Duet Pro. In the Duet Pro setup, I can see the pencil works as a pressure sensitive device. No problem getting Affinity Photo running with the studio tools located on the laptop screen accessible by mouse and the canvas on the ipad pro accessible by mouse/finger/applepencil - so far so good. I am using this as a sketching illustrator not as a photo editor and I can scribble on the screen with either the mouse or with my finger or with the apple pencil . . . BUT the apple pencil is not giving pressure sensitive effect to the brushes - there is no difference to the line on the screen whether I use mouse, apple pencil or my finger I hope I am missing something simple? Any help gratefully received. Cheers Nick
  4. Yes this worked for me for me - set the dual screens up so you can move the mouse off the side of one screen and onto the other. Reduce the Affinity window to less than full screen and drag it onto the second screen then maximise it again that now fills my second screen. I have studio tools brushes, layers, colours etc open and I was able to drag those tools back where they came from. Now I have tools on the first screen and the canvas on the second screen, and I can get the cursor wherever I want.
  5. Thank you Jens and Infocentral - and I was also coincidentally thinking the tablet might be the way to go . . . .now here's the thing, it was my wedding anniversary last week and my missus who will do anything to get me off microsoft and onto apple bought me an iPad pro with apple pencil. I'm struggling a bit to make sense of something which doesn't seem to have a filing system and neither procreate nor pixelmator seem to do what I can already do with Affinity Photo and a mouse. So I downloaded something called Duet pro which seems to offer pressure sensitive use of the apple pencil with windows apps. Ie it converts the ipad pro into a tablet. All good and I can fire up my lovely Affinity Photo and get it on the ipad pro screen but it doesn't react to the pressure sensitive pencil . . . hope Im missing something simple to fix. Will start a new topic with appropriate header to see if anyone can help me on this. Cheers Nick
  6. Thanks, Callum. I cant see what you meant by the page below? Maybe cos I'm on phone not computer.
  7. I run Affinity photo on my laptop which has a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 thinking of changing to a MS Surface Pro 4 with i5 chip and 8GB ram Pls advise: I have seen objections to the Surface Pro 4 running Photoshop (I think) because the menus or tools are pixel scaled they are too small to see on the much more pixel dense Surface Pro display. Is that true of for Affinity Photo too? Anyone any experience of Affinity Photo with the SP4? I am an illustrator and will use it for coloured pen and ink sketches either fully digital or based on scanned pencil or ink drawings (samples below but I will be doing more detailed stuff in future I hope)? Is the i5 enough or do I need the i7? I like Affinity photo and use adjustment layers and also overlays especially with multiply mode for different colours because it looks like transparent ink. The alternative to the SP 4 wd be the Ipad Pro 12.9 inch which doesn't have Affinity I think but does have apps with layers. Many thanks for any help you can give.
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