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  1. Inkwell

    Flatten Layers

    Trying to flatten vectors (2 layers) in Designer can't do it Document> Flatten NO Merge down. This is an important feature as I need to bring vector flat into a second app which turns layers in digital goop. How to do this??????????? FLATTEN is one layer is what I need not raster.
  2. Please don't abandon the Triangle icon for the square in beta release ?! Triangle good, square not good.
  3. Might there be someone building a third party add-on to Designer that would function like a "brush" or "action" to do Auto Tracing??
  4. I have been using Designer but had to go back to Illustrator for the live trace tool, when I found out the feature is NOT in Designer. Any pro over a period of the many years on certain projects finds this an essential tool. It needs to be in Designer sooner rather than later.
  5. Inkwell

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    I missed the recent sale of the Designer book, will there be a promo/sale/discount in the near future? I want to dig deeper into the app and the best way for me is that oldest of forms- the book.
  6. This is so confounding in Designer, I fail at this over and over.