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  1. Might there be someone building a third party add-on to Designer that would function like a "brush" or "action" to do Auto Tracing??
  2. I have been using Designer but had to go back to Illustrator for the live trace tool, when I found out the feature is NOT in Designer. Any pro over a period of the many years on certain projects finds this an essential tool. It needs to be in Designer sooner rather than later.
  3. Inkwell

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    I missed the recent sale of the Designer book, will there be a promo/sale/discount in the near future? I want to dig deeper into the app and the best way for me is that oldest of forms- the book.
  4. This is so confounding in Designer, I fail at this over and over.
  5. Yes I was into it today and it seemed like command-Z (undo) was not working. Going back to 1.5 I miss the light user interface right away.
  6. Are the betas still working with OS 10.7.5? Is there any plans to drop that system in regard to Designer?
  7. Other users have mentioned some of the "other" program's tools like scissors being a key missing item but after searching for the Designer "cut" button its a workaround that makes some sense without a tool icon. I can see an adjustment period but I am liking the set-up- like Pixel space and Export space.
  8. Beta is impressive. I had just purchased Designer the week prior to the release and knew of a few things I did not like (the UI color) but wanted to jump in as I have been using Illustrator since 1987 (I think 1st release for a Mac Ci) and Adobe... well I no longer fit their business model. After a couple weeks of exploration and one job, I am very excited about Designer and Affinity's great work to make it "killer"
  9. Seems a bit smoother and faster than 1.5 on my iMac 27. Also works better (it seems) with my Wacom tablet. So far intial improvements are impressive.