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  1. Problem with getting into LightRoom is that I'll then there'll be a stronger argument (finance, skills, convenience, backup materials, fluid workflow, consistent UI, interoperability) to go on to subscribe to CC which is just what I was trying to avoid. And I quite like Affinity for what it does so far. Just a pity about what it doesn't (yet) do.
  2. Thanks. But I'm a Windows user so maybe this won't help. Looking at reviews and prices, I wonder if LightRoom 5 (£50 - less than half the price of LightRoom 6) would be adequate ...
  3. What are the best options for a DAM solution then? Lightroom seems to be >£100 for a standalone version which may not be needed when Affinity create theirs. For about the same price you can get a year's subscription to CC. Is there a cheaper but adequate solution out there?
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hi. I'm Rob. Getting back into "hobby" photography after a 10 year sojourn pointing and clicking with phones etc. Previously I was a film SLR user. Steep learning curve! Now photography is digital it seems much can be achieved with post processing. I really don't like the idea of a subscription model so am wary of Adobe. Serif Affinity Photo seems like a good possibility, and I like to support local industry where possible. (I'm from Nottingham). So I had a free trial, purchased and have been watching tutorial videos and having a go. It seems to have lots of high end features. I may need to upgrade my (Windows) hardware. I think I also want a DAM-type product to help in viewing, selecting, storing and cataloguing "keepers". Looks like that needs to be a separate product. Looking forward to getting to grips with Affinity Photo, not as an end in itself but to improve my renditions.