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  1. chrisday10

    NEF RAW issue

    I am now even more confused!!!! Although not entirely. I reset things to the factory default and I now seem to be seeing the whole picture. I don't know what I had changed but it now appears to work. Obviously something in the defaults I must have changed lost the bits around the edge. Thanks everybody for taking the trouble to try to help. Chris
  2. chrisday10

    NEF RAW issue

    As requested. As previously stated i kind of understand why Affinity Photo has a different pixel size. The issue is that while trying to process a straight forward image Affinity Photo arrives at a larger size allegedly by picking up the pixels around the edges but is in fact cropping the image. DSC_5121.NEF
  3. chrisday10

    NEF RAW issue

    So if that's the case can someone explain why Affinity Photo is actually cropping my image? image1.jpg is a screen print of the RAW image in Windows along with its properties. Image2.jpg is the same image having been simply opened in Affinity Photo, developed then exported. Image3.jpg is a screen print of the same image opened in AuroraHDR. If you look at the left and right hand side of the three images you can quite clearly see that Affinity Photo (image2.jpg) has CROPPED the original image rather than get the extra pixels. This can be clearly seen on the right hand side. If I understand the previous answers to my query the I would expect Affinity Photo to match/be similar to the result of AuroraHDR which seems to display those extra pixels around the edge. This again is clearly obvious when you look at the right hand side.
  4. chrisday10

    NEF RAW issue

    Hi Thanks for the reply which I find extremely confusing and disappointing. Firstly, I have been using Serif PhotoPlus in its various iterations for more than 20 years now. Even before my first camera able to shoot in RAW. Unitil Affinity I have had no issues with processing RAW files and combining with the output of other editing programs. I exclusively use NIKON and have processed images from my D5000, P7800 and D500 with absolutely no problems with PhotoPlus. The only reason I felt the need to move to Affinity was the decision to no longer support PhotoPlus. I had assumed that Affinity would be the same as PhotoPlus but with more options. And as I am running WINDOWS 10 your attempt at a solution is irrelevant to me. You say that the Serif RAW engine does not discard edge pixels. However, the camera itself says that the RAW image output is 5568x3712 . Nikons own software ViewNX-i and Capture NX-D says that the RAW images are 5568x3712. And when you look into the image details via WINDOWS it says the images are 5568x3712. It is only in in Affinity that it says it is 5599x3728. I can find no reference in the D500 manual to the effect that it loses "edge pixels" Surely any RAW engine should be taking, and applying, the manufacturers own specifications as to the size of the output? You are effectively "changing" RAW files so that they are not as shot. I am beginning to wish that I had stayed with PhotoPlus and taken a chance that it would continue to work. I am sorry but your answer has cast my first ever doubt over the integrity of Serif software going back to more than 2 decades to when a colleague handed me a cover disc with free versions of your software. It would have been December 1997 when I first became self employed. Regards Chris
  5. chrisday10

    NEF RAW issue

    NEF RAW files on my NIKON D500 are created with dimensions 5568x3712. However, when I open them in Affinity Photo they are automatically resized to 5599x3728. This is clearly incorrect. It is causing me a few issues with trying to merge/process images edited in other software that use the correct size eg Photomatix Pro and Capture NX-D. Can you please help