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  1. Hi, If I create text using the Text tool, but inside in a group. It will resize accordenly. Yet it will stretch the text. The Frame Text Tool does not squash the text, but if I put it in a group, it does not scale the text. Text size keeps the same, so the text moves out of the frame. How do I make the text scale with resizing the group, without stretching the letters?
  2. What I miss in Affinity Designer is a way to do complex movements with the nodes. With a shape you can change the center of rotation. Not with nodes. You can also not scale nodes, rotate nodes inside a shape. Where is symmetry for nodes (and a way to change the symmetry plane). There should be a huge range of manipulators for nodes. Like a magnet tool/soft move tool, smear tool, a tool to change the shape of the nodes into a circle or a rectagle, or a predefined shape (to to do blending), shear tool (is possible now, but hidden in the transforms (and only numerically), bend, flex, twist, bulg
  3. Hello, I created a new course, available through Udemy. In this course you will learn the basics of Affinity Designer. You will also learn how to create a childrens poster with a castle. Finally you will learn how to create a simple website design and export it to RocketCake to create a responsive website. Here is the link: Affinity Designer for beginners
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