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    Locked documents

    My colleague cannot see these my files because they are locked. They are visible only in my computer. But when my colleague creates and saves files, I can see them in the shared folder, because they are not locked.
  2. Giorgio Marinoni

    Locked documents

    They are stored in the hard drive, and they are shared with my colleague by C:, users, public, public documents. My colleague can do the same thing, sharing the files with me, but their files are without lock...
  3. Giorgio Marinoni

    Locked documents

    Hi, Thank you for yr. reply. I use Windows, in my office. Since last day all the documents were without lock, now when I save them, they appear with a lock in the icon...
  4. Giorgio Marinoni

    Locked documents

    Hi, Suddenly when I save a file, the icon of the file appears with a lock, and the document cannot be shared with my colleague. How can I eliminate this lock? Why this lock didn't appear since today? Thank you, G. Marinoni