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  1. Just want to report the issue I got. Download this Nutella image using Safari and open it with Affinity Designer(or Photo). It will be crashed immediately. https://www.static.ferrero.com/globalcms/immagini/32796.jpg AD 1.6.1 & AP 1.6.7 OSX 10.14.2 But if I use Chrome as downloader, AD can open it without issue, so I assume it's probably Safari's issue, but just want you to know.
  2. +1 Still haven't developed yet?
  3. Hi R C-R, I found something Similar. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/23047-stroke-and-effect-selection-options/?hl=stroke I hope his request will be granted! I will post a few more options by myself for AD's future!
  4. The Symbol made me happy already but thanks guys! > R C-R and gdenby!
  5. I leave my latest files for someone who get same issue ;) IcecreamX.afdesign
  6. Hi Aammppaa, It's working great! Thank you Thank you! It seems I completely misunderstood the "sync" function of Symbols!
  7. Hi R C-R, Thanks for your response! Yes, I understood Shopkins is actually achieved with multiple shapes inside. I will not exactly copy this character so it's okay, I was meaning the stroke is not catch any effect from inside, like other cartoon characters(black stroke with ton's of effect inside) Just wonder how to achieve it with AD, hopefully not duplicating curves. And yes, I noticed gradient tool can put the effect without ruining the strokes but it can only draw liner or oval ramp. It's okay for ice-cream, but I need to draw a bit complicated characters in a future. Sound like AD has no ability to control -LayerEffect applies only Fill -Using curve for stroke, reuse that curve for masking fill layer(but keep syncing these curves) -LayerEffect Outline with Size variance control, applying Textured Brushes I really like AD, ability of LayerEffect, how much I can do without duplicating layers.(we used to duplicate layers for shadows, glows, etc) I just need one small checkbox, "apply only fill"!
  8. Hi reglico, first of all, thank you so much for your response! I do not have any Affinity User around me so I even don't know if it's silly question. I assume your solution means dividing stroke and fill separately and work individually, which I saw in Youtube many people is doing that way. I actuary tried that way but I gave up because every time when I edit the shape of curve, I need to do twice. I'm planing to draw 200 characters, so I really want to make this workflow efficient. But thank you for your opinion anyway.
  9. Hello guys. I bought both AP and AD a few month ago, I felt they are so unique from Adobe products but I'm actually liking it. I would like to draw characters like Shopkins with AD(image bellow). I quite like how much I can control AD's stroke, like brush width. So I would like to keep it, But once I apply Inner Glow Layer Effect, it covers the stroke as well. Is there any way to apply Layer Effect without stroke? Using LayerEffects>outline instead of Stroke seems do the trick but I can't control width like stroke. Separating strokes and fill, or Expanding Stroke are the last option because I want to modify the shape until last moment. I tried Symbol but I couldn't separate stroke and fill. I found this comment, but I really can't find how to achieve it. "Yes, in other apps you usually use just the path structure as a clipping path. However in Affinity Designer you can choose between the shape or the stroke which provides a few more options to get creative with masks." https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/6738-trying-to-recreate-a-clipping-mask/ I attached files I'm working. It would be nice if someone gives me your knowledge...Thanks in advance. Icecream.afdesign

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