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  1. Is it possible to do layer overrides of a linked document inside of a publisher file? The linked doucument could be an affinity designer or a pdf file. I know i can double click and change what layers are visible, but I believe that by editing the file by double clicking, all instances of the linked file inside of the document will get updated. I am looking for a way to overrides layers of a linked document in just one instance.
  2. In InDesign, switch from single to double spreads is fairly straightforward, so I see no reason why this shouldn't be as straightforward as well. Another issue I've encountered - when switching a first page to a second page in a facing spread, the master gets duplicated so each face of the page has initial masterpage layout as opposed to the one meant to be on the flip side. E.g. when flipping the order of two facing pages, the page numbers end up remaining on the edge where they were prior to flipping the order.
  3. I am attempting to adjust a document from single to facing pages. Currently, the document uses a single master page. However, once I switch the document and the master page from single to facing, I am finding a series of issues: Each spread now contains two copies of the master page The master spread continues to behave like a single page instead of two facing pages The margins on the master spread act as if the spread is a single page, without an inner margin Columns layout treat the whole spread as a single page I am using Affinity Publisher
  4. I keep writing all over these forums to request arrowheads, but will keep on writing and supporting other forum topics on how important arrownheads are for some of us. I cannot use publisher or designer until we have arrowheads, as I need them daily for the kind of work I do. For the time being, I am using Gravit Designer as they support arrowheads.
  5. Arrowheads is an absolute must for a layout and publishing program. The most basic online design and publlishing apps have it, even word and apple's pages. Please implement it sooner rather than later.
  6. Would like to add my voice to for arrowheads [once again] as well. Will be very happy when they are rolled out.
  7. I have been using affinity software since it was in beta, and it's fantastic - even my multinational architecture company is starting to use it in the office, but i cannot do any of the work that i need to in terms of the multiple diagrams we do without arrowheads on end of lines, so please include them soon to break into my market.
  8. This would be a must feature for us - as we deal with a lot of diagrams on top of existing PDF files. Any idea when this feature may be coming?
  9. OK, after further investigation, i answered my own question. Apparently the prssure button in the top menu is not a universal pressure on/off but applies specifically to the size of the brush. the rest of the brush dynamics are controlled by the dynamics menu. Took me a while to figure this one out.
  10. Hello I would like to use the brush tool with pressure sensitivity that change only the flow of the brush, not the size. However, when i try to modify the jitter settings of the brush by disabling the size pressure jitter and enabling flow pressure jitter, the behavior of the brush does not change. When putting more pressure on the stylus, it still increases the size of the brush. I have tried in Affinity Designer Vector + Pixel modes, and in Photo, and they act exactly the same. I am on Win10x64 with Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch M.
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