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  1. Learn how the Sponge Brush is used. Learn the difference between Vibrance and Saturation. In this Video I will explain the Sponge Brush Tool and also show you alternatives. I will tell you what Saturation is and how it is different from Vibrance. Master the Color adjustments in your images.
  2. How to use a Pen Tool - explained real simple. In this Video I will show you how to use the Pen Tool and Node Tool in Affinity Photo. But you will also learn that Curves and Shapes can do sooo much more. Not just Illustration and Vectors. Use Curves for Selections. Use Curves for Gradients and Glow Effects. Use Curves to Mask and Clip Layers.
  3. The Color Replacement Brush in Affinity Photo Explained. Here is how to use the Color Replacement Brush Tool. What is does, what the settings mean and how to use it on your images. Also it's limitations and a easy workaround.
  4. This Video covers the very basics of Affinity Photo. Where do you find Adjustment Layers and Filters? What are Masks and Layers and how do they work? What is the difference between pixels and vector? How do you know the right size of your image for print or screen? All in one easy to follow video to get you started.
  5. Learn the difference between Opacity and Flow. This easy trick will help you remember it. See examples on how to use it best. A simple Dodge and Burn trick. The reason why I use opacity for masks. Also: Why to use 16 bit images to avoid Banding. 75% OFF all my PRO Packs: https://gumroad.com/l/UFnEI
  6. How do you scale up Photos without loosing Quality? How to export images for Social Media? In this Video i will show you both. The image sizes for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin in 2020 Stay @ Home Deal: https://gumroad.com/l/UFnEI Social Media Image Sizes in 2020: https://makeawebsitehub.com/social-media-image-sizes-cheat-sheet/
  7. Learn how to sharpen blurred images with this little trick. It uses different methods from unsharpen mask to contrast and clarity. But then only applies to effect to the areas needed, so it looks even sharper as result of a optical illusion.
  8. Learn how to create a easy, convincing Analog Look in Affinity Photo In this Video: - Blend Modes - Create Noise - Create an analog Film overlay - Grunge Maps - Color Fading
  9. Learn how to create custom Vignettes. Full artistic freedom with all the settings you can Imagine. In this video I will show you how you can use the erase blend mode to create a Vignette out of any shape in Affinity Photo
  10. Learn how to combine the perspective of multiple Photos in Affinity Photo. In this video I will teach you about 1-Point, 2-Point and 3-Point Perspective. You will learn how to figure out the perspective of a photo and match it to the perspective of another photo. Awesome Deals for Affinity Photo: https://www.oliviotutorials.com/
  11. This video explains why and when you use Blend Modes. Instead of a technical description, this video gives an artistic view. Understand Blend Modes in the way you actually use them. Know what Categories off Blend Modes are the most important. In this Video: Dark Blend Modes are for blending dark Elements with your other layers Light Blend Modes are for blending bright Elements with your other layers Overlay Blend Modes are good for atmospheric blending effects
  12. Learn how to make Night Photo Shots look amazing in Affinity Photo. Using the Nik Collection Plug-ins Viveza 2 and Color Efex Pro. I'm starting with a underexposed RAW photo snapshot. Applying the Nik Collection Magic, this turns into are really nice Night Shot with beautiful lights and a nice cosy feeling.
  13. Learn how to create embedded Layers in Affinity Photo. Also known as Smart Object or Smart Layers. They can be extremely useful and save you a lot of time. In this Video: - Embedded Layers Basics - How to use them as Clones to save a lot of time - How to create complex Mock-Ups with Embedded Layers
  14. Thank you, that's awesome to know. I still think that Affinity Photo should be able to do that via a batch import function
  15. Affinity Photo 1.8 brings a lot of interesting Changes. In this video I will cover what you need to know and how these changes will impact your Workflow. In this Video: - PSD Smart Object support for Affiniy Photo - New Presets Dialog (what i love & hate about it) - Templates: What are they and how do you make your own Templates - Metadata editing in Affinity Photo 1.8 - How to customize Shortcuts in Affinity Photo 1.8
  16. Get it here: https://www.oliviotutorials.com/laser-delight-pack/ The Laser Delight Pack gives you up to 110 amazing Laser Light Styles for Affinity Photo. Masterfully designed colors will give you the perfect glow and lights to make your photos shine. The skillfully assembled Styles Pack comes with a free Online Course. Explaining everything from Installing the Styles to using them creatively in your workflow. A perfect Addition for Hobbyists and Professionals alike. Enjoy All Version also includes a free Online Course. INFO: This product was NOT tested with the iPad. Please try the free version first.
  17. Learn a easy way to do the Portal Effect in Affinity Photo. In this Video: - Creating a Portal from a Rectangle - Use Layer Effects to create the Laser Look - Masks and Blend modes to but the Portal behind the Character - Create a reflection effect - Use Glow Disks to create a simple light effect on the Character
  18. Make sure that you have the rectangle selected, that the rectangle is visible and has a color set for the stroke and that that layer is unlocked and not covered by another layer. maybe also check that the blend mode is "normal" and that the opacity of the stoke color is 100% - that's all i can think of at the moment.
  19. In this episode: - Frames around pixel layers - Frames around image layers - Colorful Frames from Image Masks - PNG Frames over your image - Layer Effect Frames with the Outline Effect - Contour Gradient Frames with the Layer Effect
  20. In this video: - Make pictures pop with the Curves Adjustment Layer Trick - How to use the Pen Tool easy and fast for great results - Make a even Frame around your images with ease - Create a Mask for a Glow effect that works
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