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  1. THe Ability to read already created smart layers from Illustrator and Photoshop would be on the top of my list. Must muckups and files already created artwork caome with this feature which Designer does not understand. Hopefully the new version can resolve this problem….
  2. Yes…. It did The Trick.. I hope it works for most other templates i am setting up !!! Thanks Everyone…. This forum is awesome!!!
  3. I get no change!! Maybe is my set up? I did exported out as svg with preserving outlines. It brought everything black so it was a matter of me painting it as the original... THanks for helping
  4. I should be seeing this: Why Can It import this?
  5. .. The hole point is that I am using illustrator demo for 2 more days and would like to move completely to designer…. There is a problem with importing artboards definitely
  6. here it is : 8.5X11-TSBLACK-FR.ai I is happening with anything that uses artboards.. I am able to open it but it is not sized correctly
  7. Here is one that i cannot figure out: I used the previous trick unchecking the template function and resaving the file as Illustrator. 8.5X11-TSBLACK-FR.ai When I open it in Designer, is In Pixels at 72 dpi and the document does not works well …. I see that it is there but it is hidden? There has to be a way I can open Illustrator CC files and have a good outcome…. Mike and Misferion? please help this newbie I have a few templates that I got from a printer that work well for AI but i am definately not having fun converting it to illustrator
  8. Awesome!! Life Saver
  9. well, this brings me to the next question: How do i make layers selectable as Template in the design persona?
  10. Welll, Thanks MikeW, "Template visible but not printable”. I am now smarter because of you.. Thanks
  11. here is a Eps: It opens fine in illustrator but i can’t quite bring it into Designer the right way….. 3.5X2-SMART-V2.eps
  12. I am tryingto open an Illustrator File into Designer. it is this template file from a print shop. It seems fine in Illustrator. 3.5X2-SMART-V2.ai. When I bring it into designer is not working out: As Ilustrator into Designer: As SVG 1.1 into Deigner: As Svg 1.0 I can’t figure it out>. Any one Smarter can help me>>>. 3.5X2-SMART-V2.ai I don’t what to do!!
  13. It would be incredible usefull to have available a templates bank?
  14. My favorite source of trainning
  15. Hi Scungio, I hope You are able to notice the workarounds and limitations there are to work with FCP X and Motion. I am still hoping they make it easy for us Motion and FCP X users. Simplyfying this process, Will make Ffinity products event a better option.