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  1. hello pundits and connoisseurs of publisher, when finishing up for print of jobs in publisher i sometimes have to swith rgb images to cmyk. as affinity offers the ingenious possibility to work in photo right out of publisher i tried that. unfortunately it doesn't seem to be possible to change an image from rgb to cmyk in that way. when going to change the colour profile it says cmyk but when i check in photo directly the picture is still rgb.??? unless - of course - i am too stupid to find the right way of doing things any assistance would be greatly appreciated, greetings, tomas
  2. tnittner


    thanks much @walt.farrell worked like a charm! kind regards, tomas
  3. tnittner


    i might be too dense to figure it out, but... publisher does do a rather decent job breaking my text down into lines. but sometimes i would like to push half a word to the previous line, so i click "-" and it does cut where i want it. the problem arises when i add some more terxt above and everythng gets pushed forward: the "-" stays and i have to go through the whole block very carefully and take them out. any bright idea how i can find a workaround? thanks much to all the pundits, tomas
  4. steffi, hello, i had the same problem! you have to convert all text to curves. then the umlaute will come out in the pdf. cheers, tomas
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    don‘t paste directly from word, got textedit convert to unformated text and then copy and paste! tomas
  6. i tried to get a better hyphenation in a two column connected text. when scrolling down the text menu it crashed exactly 5 times, so i gave up on that. talking about two columns (connected) i can only place the cursor in the second column by going into the first column and then moving the cursor with the arrows keys. once it's in the second columns it seems to work alright. great work besides that (and a few minor bugs...) cheers and mazeltov, tomas
  7. Dear developers, is there a chance and possibility to get the shortcut "alt-ü" (on the German keyboard) back for placing images? Or is there a way I can program that myself? yours truly, tomas
  8. thanks much for a great app! one little problem i encountered: i was working on a textframe that was a chain over two columns. suddenly i was unable to make any text changes, instead it automatically created a new text frame. i had to take out those two frames and start all over.
  9. thanx much everybody. that helped me a lot! tomas
  10. thanks @a_b_c, i have been searching where i could change the quotes, but eventually gave up. could you tell me where i can find the appropriate menu for that? thanx much, tomas
  11. thanks much for all your answers. 1. i have been working with frutiger in indesign ever since it came out, i almost exclusively work with it and i never had the problem. 2. the title in oil pastel is purposely done like a child's drawing. 3. here is thwe af-designer file i am working with. let's see if one of you venerable pundits could give me an answer... tomas anzeige_320x110.afdesign
  12. friends and neighbours, i just designed a nice little ad in affinity designer only to find out that the german "umlaute" i.e. ä,ü,ö, DO NOT show up in the pdf for print. they do show in affinity designer while i am working. what to do? or where do i have to change something because like this all my work was for naught. thanks for all the assistance you can give me, tomas anzeige_320x110.pdf
  13. that's great news! and you mean "publisher" will really be available in the summer (2018)? <grin>
  14. dear pundits, is there a way to create chapter initials in affinity designer, the same way as i could do in indesign? any help appreciated. greetings, tomas