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  1. Thank @R C-R. This second approach also works pretty well, and the result produces an image with less nodes, making it more optimal. Thank you for sharing both approaches.
  2. Thank you, this solved it. After using Expand stroke I was able to divide the shape. Thank you
  3. Is it possible to divide a circle shape (with line color and no fill color) which uses a dash line style, so each dash becomes an individual shape? Pressing the “divide” button has no effect over the circle, and it remains a single shape ring. The use case is that Android Studio doesn’t support line styles, hence when importing the SVG, in converts the dashes back a single line ring with no dashes. To divide the ring into shapes will solve the problem, yet the divide tools doesn't work for this shape.
  4. Is there a way to convert a vector shape which is using the cropping tool, into an actual shape with the crop applied permanently and no longer using the crop tool, and without having to rasterize it? The motivation is that currently Android does not support the crop feature for vector graphics. Therefore, I’m unable to create specific shapes using the crop tool in Affinity, which limits how I can design vector graphics. Since the Affinity exported SVG file can contain cropping attributes, the Android Studio SVG importer will not fully import such files.
  5. Hello, I've uploaded the files, please let me know if there is a solution for it. Thanks
  6. Does Affinity for Windows support the full SVG standard? Or is something still in progress? I just purchased last week Affinity for Windows, and when opening in Affinity a design which I'm working on which is in SVG format, it doesn't come up 100% right. Affinity gets a few parts wrong. I can't publish here the SVG file, because this is for a product that haven't been released yet. But if you need to see what I mean I can send it to a private email.
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