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    LassiP got a reaction from Oval in Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview   
    This is a noteworthy comment on the modern culture. It also inspired a lot of discussion on the forum.
    So you atleast would use the APub for iPad. Me, myself and I personally like the traditional computer much more. And I also hate touch screens, because they're so difficult for me and hazardously difficult for my sister. So perhaps the old-school computers and tablet computers can coexist without the other one having to die for the other one to live.
    I'd love to have a counter somewhere with the amount of issues to solve (or perhaps rather the features to add) before serif can launch the Affinity Publisher beta. Not that they'd have to. It's just such fun to follow a counter going steadily or not-so-steadily towards "zero! Here's your long awaited beta!"
    Lassi P
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    LassiP reacted to Michail in Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview   
    Why do people always want to do everything on the go? Isn't it enough that they already eat and drink on the way?
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    LassiP got a reaction from Suppenterrine in Objects follow path   
    It does the job in some cases. In other cases it is even better than object along the path -function would be. But if one needs a vector image as a result, then it simply doesn't do the job.
    I do hope, the Designer wil eventually have some kind of object along the path -function, but while wating for it, I use the open source software Inkscape to do the job. Inkscape has a lot of other useful stuff not yet in Affinity, but that is an other story.
    So please, Serif, consider making an object along the path effect for the Designer.
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    LassiP reacted to Rocketdrive in Affinity Publisher   
    I guess the love is cooling off a bit, and Serif's path(s) chosen are steeper than they thought.
    The big success came with one (AD), then two (+ AP) products for one platform (macOS).
    Now there are three platforms (Mac, Win, iOS), two products up and running on two out of three platforms, two more apps in the pipeline. Ideally, to deliver as advertised, they have dedicated teams for:
    AD win, AD mac, AD iOS
    AP win, AP mac, AP iOS
    APu win, APu mac, APu iOS
    unnamed Asset management app win, mac, iOS
    I hope they are doing fine and would really love to see the whole suite up and running. Obviously, they were too optimistic, and so was I: by the end of 2015 I saw myself, half a year from then, doing most of the work for my clients on my iPad Pro with Designer and Photo. For the rest I'd use Publisher, even if still in beta.
    The reality is: the iPad Pro is perfect for drawing and digital illustrations, but work on designs for print and web I still do an a Macbook Pro. Where possible I use AD, but unfortunately it still has some shortcomings when it comes to print documents. So Indesign is still part of the equation, and it is here to stay for another year, because of the subscription.
    So I am not impatiently waiting for anything to arrive, but when it does, I'll be there and give it a try :)
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    LassiP reacted to Bri-Toon in Affinity Publisher   
    Exactly. Not just software companies, but most general companies out there. Just because of the trust and care makes me want to stick around. Those two things are more important to me in a business, not the product.
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    LassiP reacted to SrPx in Affinity Publisher   
    Exactly.  And it is very different to purchase than to rent. You purchase Affinity's licenses and you can disconnect from inet even for years. Have the machine for work not connected, for example. And that piece of software with Windows (several versions) will always work. My family has a pair of computers working with very arcane software and systems (even while have also other computers, more modern, in another house), and they're super happy, don't need more for the task. A rented software has not these advantages and they can change renting prices at any point they wish. No blame on them, is a business model. I just think a lot of customers are not up to that, (and another lot are, too). IMO this has provided with a lot of new customers to smaller companies, which is good (less monopoly). So, I'm happy they went with this model, hehe.
    ^^ THIS. Heck, Max used to cost 3.500 $, and now jumped into the renting wagon, 150$ per month, hehe. Luckily I can do now professional modeling and rendering -do it often, indeed- with just Blender 3D (fully free).
    Is very hard to find these days a software company this good and caring, IMO.
    We could infinitely be nitpicking on that, or get a much more positive line of work... My 2c. Again, is amazing the quantity of times much more resourceful companies have done way bigger announcements and have not been able to accomplish those, being way more damaging. And if you complain, you get your thread closed in the first post, in a lot of them.
    A very good sign of how flooded of work they are. Small staff, low resources, is said in countless posts... Geez, we could use some flexibility here... This way is how most great projects get stalled, by the very specific people that should be defending them...
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    LassiP reacted to chvon7thal in Affinity Publisher   
    It seem's I produced a shit storm, i'd woudn't have anticipated.
    I hope one can induce from it
    - that we care
    - that some are ready to fight for it
    - because we do think Affinity would be a real alternative to inDesign
    - that we all hope it will be as soon as possible
    - that, in time of digital transparancy there needs to be more communication than "comming soon, or next year, or what ever" 
    - t'ill APu is here, its for each of us to find the right answer. Some will come back, other not. It's the only thing Affinity can be sure off.
    And to all: have a good day. Were I am it begins with a warming willkomming sun.
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    LassiP reacted to SrPx in Affinity Publisher   
    Seriously. There would never be an intention of "lying". They would be the first ones interested in having it now ready to purchase, don't you think ? :o   But crap happens in every development project, unpredictable things, then all have to be delayed and there's nothing physically possible to do about it.  Again.. please get to work -or talk to some close friend who worked at one-  at a company making software, you would become aware on the way it works and needs to do so, and would understand a ton of things... The company is also really permissive. In any other company's forums a thread like this would have been closed long ago, even in the first posts.... I have watched it happening so in almost every company's forum I've visited. (indeed, happens in many other type of forums, even those moderated but not owned by companies. )
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    LassiP reacted to Bri-Toon in Affinity Publisher   
    I think this topic is beginning to get out of hand. There is no need to accuse Affinity for lying. They misestimated. It was already made very clear that people are upset about the long delay, but the obvious tension will not make it come sooner.
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    LassiP reacted to SrPx in Affinity Publisher   
    When I am in need of an application (during the years as a company worker, and now as a freelance) , if it is not available in the very day (in some cases, week) when I need it, I have no other chance than use an alternative path (my bosses used to not understand  even a five minutes delay, so...). I mean, you can use other alternative, and still consider getting back to Affinity for a great tool and very well priced once it is released. Nothing stops you from doing that !  There are some alternatives already (people here seems to not like Scribus's UI, (I agree in that it is spartan) but I think the application is quite good...) . And you should study each of them, to see which suits you. As, other than Adobe's, in my usual researches, what I tend to find is those alternatives aren't usually great for all, like CC stuff is (mostly) . But each one tends to excel in one niche. This you can find it if you google about it cleverly and in depth, a lot of opinions (forums, comments, Q & A sites, etc) and user experience will help you decide.
    A roadmap, and that a team/company prediction is very doable in time, is sth likely to happen when resources are large, and you can put two or more teams on it if sth needs to accomplish a milestone (but lol, in other apps, and/or in  games, the delays are WAY more crazy, btw). You don't know their circumstances, neither do I (I read some basic details some time ago) . But we both know they have not the size and power of Adobe, by any stretch. Let's be a ton more coherent with that... ;). They are actually doing an heroic thing, given the time of releasing and what they have achieved, being their size.
    So, from what I mention in the first paragraph, the complaint, IMO, is of not much use. As much you are going to put the developers in a negative emotion against it. That is far from inspiring and encouraging for people with a lot of work and pressure. Is the opposite way to go if you want to see one day a great Publishing application being produced by this company, IMHO. Plus, you can get Xara, Corel Draw, or Scribus, for your edition needs, IMO, choosing the right one for the tasks you are mostly going to do. (even that's not so, as it also depends on the level of of things you need in a niche)

    Or you can keep some time more using the CC subscription, and once the app is ready, you buy it in that minute, and stop paying that...renting. That wouldn't be a bad thing to do, either. Financially speaking, probably a better road, as a full alternative package's price, might be more expensive, depending on a number of factors, depends on the cases.

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    LassiP reacted to SrPx in Affinity Publisher   
    Well... I'm no masochist... ;D
    Indeed, was the pain of purchasing a (OUCH) 1200 euros (by the time, the costs to reach my country increased crazily the final price) application like Deep Paint 3D, that later got ended, and no more updates, later on after purchasing XSI Foundation (500 euros), and then seeing how after an Autodesk tactical purchase (it was interested in making Max(mostly) and Maya the main 3D packages) the software saw there its last days (a monopoly, dunno if sounds familiar...). If I was masochist I would have never looked as a viable extra (so, to add as an extra weapon. Only Blender+Wings are replacing fully the matter in my case, for 3D area) alternative open source tools. I agree, though, seems UX is not a subject in a lot of those. But I am doing for several years pro work with Inkscape, Blender and Wings 3D. Blender has improved the GUI enormously but still is a totally different UI philosophy. Wings 3D is instead way easy to learn and use (but is only a modeler). Inkscape: Being my main complain there that there's simply no cmyk solution, and, reading their docs, certainly not a priority. In Gimp is even less of a priority. Gimp has strange manners to do things if you come from Adobe PS, but is not unusable.  But Inkscape is not that hard to learn and quite nice for pure vector drawing. I could show you renders done with Blender 3D just some months ago by me, in a printed product now heading the shelves, modeling done in Wings, and Blender renders quite realistic and functional (but that would be too off topic). I have handled very little Scribus, but quite some people are using it. If a big printer is doing full manuals for it, and the other only manual is for InDesign, that's something. Of course, being free is beating other options.  And yes, in my very few moments of handling it, yes, certainly a harder UI than anything else, myself having used XPress, and the old ALDUS Page Maker. But from what I read and hear, Scribus is quite powerful. Again, I've proposed it just to use it while publisher gets produced, as Afinity Publisher's integration with Designer and Photo will be much better  than with anything else, commercial or open source. And I expect also a really friendly UI, as are the ones in Photo and Designer.
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    LassiP reacted to SrPx in Affinity Publisher   
    Scribus is being used now in quite some serious things... I happen to just have found a print on demand printer, but one that seems to do things right, professionally (happens not so often), one that has an established name in its field, and while digging in its docs, to check well all specs and ensure things get printed right... It does provide a really extensive guide on how to prepare stuff for them, which indeed is actually a manual for preparing stuff for print.  They make for their customers the guide for two applications: InDesign and Scribus.  had not time to read stuff, and as I was not concerned to do the compositing -just some art- , didn't read it more than some skimming. But got  impressed about what Scribus has ended up being. Not an ergonomic interface, i fully agree. but is open source -free- and multiplatform. This includes Mac OS X. IMO, the ideal thing will be Affinity Publisher, as in any suite, nothing talks better to the compositing tool that the vectorial package and raster one of the same developer. Plus we all love these easy to access and learn as well as fast interfaces. But meanwhile, instead of directly going for some costly solution, or wait and wait, (and complain a lot to Affinity, which with 20 developers, is already doing too much...) , could be a solution to give a deep, patient try to Scribus. (realizing though that it is a free option, with some limitations. ). And then purchase A. Publisher at the time it comes out. Learning never hurts (too much  ;) )
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    LassiP reacted to Fixx in Affinity Publisher   
    We graphics people are so intellectually limited we cannot use complicated IT solutions. Mac is easy enough for our abilities.

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