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  1. Earlier this summer I took some photos of snails and modified them a little with Affinity Photo. Here are the results. With the first one I only edited the um.. "home" on the snails back a bit plus darkened the upper or more distant background using a gradient layer. The second snail got a little more dramatic change as you can see. I made the um.. "hut" green and the body a bit luminescent. Affinity products have really helped me advance as a photographer by motivating me. It's soo much more fun to take photographs, when you know you can make something fantastic (in more than one sense of the word fantastic) out of them. L.P.
  2. I decided to share the brushes I made for a firebolt-effect. Just one intensity brush for fire and one for smoke. I'm also sharing you the styles I used for the example image just to get you started. These brushes and styles are all completely free to use commercially as per CC0. It wouldn't be fair towards a customer however to sell these "as is" for a profit for the simple reason that they're offered here free of charge. PS. If you find these brushes useful, please share some of your work in which you use them here. Firebolt_Smoke.afstyles FireboltandSmoke.afbrushes
  3. This turtle is made with Affinity Designer. I've really just recently started to appreciate the way in which Affinity blends raster and vector. That's at least one thing that makes it unique, and it's not just uniqueness for the sake of being different.
  4. Hi. Sorry if my english is difficult to understand. Not a native speaker... I thought there should be a special topic for all our first (or very early) attempts with affinity Design, so please feel free to post your "firstborn" designs here. Here's what I recall being the first thing I did with Affinity Design. When I made this, Affinity was still in its youth with Affinity Publisher not yet in existence. Well. Here it is: So here it is. Not awfully detailed or complex, but I think it's still nice. What was your first Design like?
  5. I finally read this thread pretty much so I can comment it. Now I notticed the thing I wanted to suggest has been said but once, and don't think it got the attention it deserves (even though I'm perhaps not the best judge, being perhaps not that pro: The issue, I think is that some are comparing AD to AI, which - in this regard - might be forgetfull of the one big difference between the two: AI is vector drawing sofware (as is Inkscape which I already used for some path effects AI lacked before Affinity was ever heard about). AD isn't. It's a drawing tool that uses raster and vector while being somewhat (perhaps a lot) more feature rich on the vector side of the software. I think they may have originally thought of a vector distortion tool, but soon realized, they can't just vectorise all the bitmap portions of a complex vectbitmap (just coined that term - albeit poorly) object. Firstly. Many have rightly complained that using bitmap warp tool for vector curves is a compromise on quality and editability to say the least. Secondly others have rightly pointed out warping vectors freely doesn't produse the same predictable results warping pixel images does, because vector images consist of knots and strokes and such. So you would oerhaps first need to calculate the transformation for vectors, then calculate the optimal arrangement of knots and handles so they do the job well enough without making the file too big and clumsy, then modify the bitmap image according to not the original warp map but the warped vector image all while the end user was thinking (s)he's doing a very basic thing which should be easy, exact and straightforward. The above was - obviously - a simplified explanation, since I'm no tech-wizard, but I hope there's something to it. It might also be that they never thought it would be easy to make a vectbitmap-warp (and I don't think it has been even tried before since the other sofware has to my knowledge allways been either just vector or just bitmap so no. They cannot rely on premade code if I'm right). Call me a lay Affinity apologist if you like, and you might even be correct (I certainly try to be a lay Christian apologist, but that's got nothing to do with this thread). Agree or disagree. I just thought I've got something to add here. I've used InkScape for small pieces of right to left text, vector object along the path, warping and such, but I wouldn't leave affinity for Edoba if they were the same prize. Affinity simply has its strengths regardles of price tag. Also I wonder how its any different to swap between AD and InkScape than between AI and PS. In both cases the native file formats were different between the two, the only difference in these two cases being that AI and PS are supposed to be of the same family. (though I don't know if Edoba has made AI and PS more compatible with each other since CS). Yes I understand that some can do their work entirely within AI or PS, but I couldn't. The bottom line how ever: Affinity Design is not a vector only or even a vector plus a little bit of a raster drawing tool. It's meant to be (almost) equally a raster tool as a vector tool. And that makes it almost unique. And that also makes it not propably going to do vector only warp tool, but the so much more complex unified warp tool. I wish Serif all the good luck (and wisdom) in that. It might however be quite a daunting task... Sorry for weard english. My native is Finnish. Sorry for typos. I'm using a phone.
  6. Forgot to post this update. Solved it with the old restart the computer -trick. I've come to think it was more of a problem with Finder than Affinity. Don't know for sure. Sorry for posting prematurely.
  7. Just one monitor. Though I allready tried to move my cursor outside the screen. I'm trying to restart my computer (didn't do it yet so perhaps I shouln't have started this topic. I just had some stress).
  8. Hi. I'm really frustrated right now since I tried to save two works that i'd worked hard with (without remembering to save them earlier) and the save as -panel just didn't appear and it seems that my Affinity software destroyed the autosaves at some point so I will never get them back. Yes. I Should have remembered to save them earlier, but remembering is something I've never done well. But how will I get my Affinity for Mac saving my works again? Relaunching the apps doesn't help. Any ideas?
  9. This is a noteworthy comment on the modern culture. It also inspired a lot of discussion on the forum. So you atleast would use the APub for iPad. Me, myself and I personally like the traditional computer much more. And I also hate touch screens, because they're so difficult for me and hazardously difficult for my sister. So perhaps the old-school computers and tablet computers can coexist without the other one having to die for the other one to live. I'd love to have a counter somewhere with the amount of issues to solve (or perhaps rather the features to add) before serif can launch the Affinity Publisher beta. Not that they'd have to. It's just such fun to follow a counter going steadily or not-so-steadily towards "zero! Here's your long awaited beta!" Greetings Lassi P
  10. Will Affinity Publisher (and the later versions of Affinity Design) have a capability for different text directions. Being luckily able to actually write only English and Finnish, I have rarely needed right to left text direction, for example. Yet there is no shortage of languages written in different directions in asia, for example. I know, you guys do the best you can with what you've got. Just thought to point out the text direction -thing. If right-to-left text is already possible in affinity, I'm sorry for asking for something that is there, and hope some one will tell me how to do the trick.
  11. Yes. It does the job in some cases. In other cases it is even better than object along the path -function would be. But if one needs a vector image as a result, then it simply doesn't do the job. I do hope, the Designer wil eventually have some kind of object along the path -function, but while wating for it, I use the open source software Inkscape to do the job. Inkscape has a lot of other useful stuff not yet in Affinity, but that is an other story. So please, Serif, consider making an object along the path effect for the Designer. Thanks
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