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  1. Wow, this xara software seems amazing, thank you so much!!!
  2. Thank you for the reply and links. Yes I did some research on Google and everything kept pointing to Sketch but I am on windows...This affinity designer tools looks superb but the html/css conversion to be done by hand via an IDE is overkill, sad as I would have loved to buy it...If they could have done like in sketch, an html and css export it would have been fantastic.
  3. Hello and thank you all for the replies. So let's say I am given a UI UX design of a website by someone using Affinity designer, what is the next step from there? I am trying to understand the workflow from that point onward as I have been taking courses of UI UX design using the above tools. My goal is simply designing something and have it cut into an html/css template. I am not looking at anything else(no logic implemented). Is there any external tools I could use with Affinity Designer in order to achieve this result? As i do not want to code my design manually into html /css or this will cause me to the job twice(which exportkit was successfully solving but it is expensive...). The programmable part like adding php is not something I need as I can add this myself at the end when I have a working html/css template. I understand Affinity Designer to be just a designer tool but I am trying to work out how designers using this tool manage to output a working html/css template of their work without using exportkit. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for the reply. The problem is that just using the designer tool to make just a mockup is a bit sad... With photoshop you can design the mockup, and with a few plugins like http://exportkit.com/ you can then inject css(even php code) and export your whole layout responsive-ready in html and css which you then import all beautifully made in a mob app designer like intel SDK. I was looking for a photoshop replacement but I think it is not going to work...if I need to use a lot of external tools to achieve the above result then I might have to come back to my old ways. Now if the answer is that Affinity designer does not have the capability to match the power of photoshop plugins like exportkit, then i won't be able to work efficiently.
  5. same request from me too, without this feature, web designers cannot work efficiently
  6. Thank you for the reply. I see...this is a problem, so how would you have a mobile app design work flow if you can only export your designs as images? Thank you.
  7. Hello, Photoshop became too expensive for my wife and I nad we were looking for a cheaper alternative, it seems that Affinity might be the one. Before buying I would like to know if it is possible to create mobile or website designs with the app and export it in html/css automatically, will this software does this please? Also what is the main difference between the designer and photo app. I only want to do web designs. Thank you. Bam
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