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  1. Hello. Currently icons in the asset library are almost the same color as the UI color, which makes them unusable. Would it be possible to either add white outline to asset icons, or add ability to change the UI darkness/lightness, like the artwork background. Thank you for all the hard work!
  2. Thank you for point out to that topic. I searched the forums but I wasn't aware of that. By skimming through it, I learned that problem mostly happens due to too many 'opened' files. I will save and close them and see what happens. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Hello everyone. I was just wondering how much does your copy usually use up of your Ipad storage space? Mine uses 34.6 GB for 20 opened projects, and I think It's quite extensive. Some projects are only tens of Mbs when saved to a folder, some are few hundred Mbs, but anyway 34 Gb is a bit too much for only 20 different files on my 128 Gb Ipad Pro. I'm not even sure should I even have all these projects opened at all times, or should I close them after saving to folder? I'm curious how do you manage your workspace. I prefer AD over Procreate even for simple drawings, because AD is just so much more versatile application for designing. But Procreate doesn't use nearly as much space as AD. Anyway, thanks for reading.
  4. Like the title says, I'm having this very basic problem. After picking any brush I can't go back to basic round one unlike in pixel persona that has the "basic" brush library to select from. Thank you
  5. I would also like to see this or similar feature. "FIlter > Distort..." is only for pixel based layers in AP, and it doesn't offer any control over how the object will be distorted. The OP was thinking about the tool, not the simple filter, that would give proper predictable ways of free distortion. Puppet Warp definitely comes to mind especially the tool used by the Spine software.
  6. I second this. Korea is a huge market for visual communications, and Serif can benefit greatly by adding Korean localization.
  7. Hello, this is more of a ramble then a real question. Due to some strange reason, my AD app on Ipad used around 11GB of storage, so I decided to reinstall in order to free up space. But since I'm new to Ipad and Apple eco system, I didn't know that it would delete entire folder dedicated to Affinity Designer. So how do you manage project files? I can't keep everything on Icloud. Edit: another question, why AD doesn't have the option to import/open from file?
  8. Hello. I was just experimenting on my illustration file. It contains large number of vector based shapes used as outlines/containers for my pixel based textures. So for example I have 29 and 38 individual pixel layers on leopard spots, which gives 308mb file size. But, when I merge all those pixel layers into one and vector shapes into one, I get 377mb file size. Why this is? Thank you. Edit: Fun fact, if I change the document size from 7k x7k to 5k x 5k, the file size doesn't change not even for 1mb. Korean_Traiditonal_Painting_test.afdesign
  9. I was about to make a similar topic. We definitely need the option to merge pixel layers in Designer on desktop.
  10. I'm currently making a twirly grape vines illustration, but as a side-effect of intersecting shapes I get those empty squares. Is it possible to draw a spiral properly without them? Thank you
  11. Like many others I'm also in need of close curve feature for pencil tool. At this point, I think the simplest solution would be to enable 'actions' from Pen and Node tools to also be available to Pencil Tool since it also creates and manipulates curves.
  12. Hello. Upon clicking new document + icon, I get open and import from Cloud options, but when window opens all existing AD files at the Google Drive location are greyed out and cannot be selected except jpeg and other image files. What could be the problem? Thank you.
  13. Would definitely like to close curves with Pencil tool.
  14. Has this been changed? I also need a way to close the curve when drawing with pencil tool.
  15. +1 I second this. Booleans are important part of my workflow. Just create and overlap a few circles and then Divide them. You will get a whole bunch of layers/curves. Then select a certain area and try to Add them together. I will not work.
  16. Just want to add to this topic instead of creating a new one. Boolean problems are have been around for a long time. I mostly use Divide and Add operations. Both are not working as intended. Divide creates many small fractions especially with curved objects. Booleans are very frequently used for creating objects. Have another look into it's development progress, please.
  17. Thank you for your reply, but I just don't get it. What parameter makes it fade the further away it is from the point of origin?
  18. In the transform pannel (view>studio>transform) in the W(idth) or H(ight) enter the numbers you want. I entered -50% next to to width and press enter afterwards. Also theres is a uniform icon next to it that allows you to scale it proportionally or not.
  19. Hello. I was wondering if it possible to paint like in the example below where stroke is 100% and then fades to 0% according to the tilt of the brush? Thank you
  20. As you can see on my image I have a closed curve wit ha vector brush applied on it. But since the beginning/end of it is in an awkward position, the result is not what I want. It would be good if I could change that point to somewhere else.
  21. Hello good people, for some reason ADEsigner doesn't have any option to merge pixel layers. But it should since Pixel persona is legit part of Designer experience and therefore we should be able to do it. I don't know how do you guys sketch in Designer at all without consolidating unnecessary pixel layers? To avoid this problem I simply use Publisher instead of Designer, but that's not the point and I would like Designer to also have this option and not just Photo. Thank you.
  22. @GarryP Thank you so much for this. I really had no idea about Image Brushes hence my question. What you have accomplished there is definitely something I can use on my projects. Thank you again.
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