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  1. A very small problem: My document contains only four fonts (Avenir Next, Avenir Next Fett, Avenir Next Kursiv, Shortcut), which are all loaded. When exporting to PDF, Linotype Font Explorer X reports that these fonts are missing. If I ignore these messages, the document will be output correctly.
  2. If you hold down the Shift key when working with certain tools (such as a brush, eraser, or stamp), you can usually draw straight lines - from the position of the last mouse click to the current mouse position. This does not work in Affinity. Here, the line is not drawn from the LAST mouse click, but from any previous (the penultimate?) mouse click. This is very annoying.
  3. I made a very simple file (see attachment DEMO-VERSION.afdesign). The GIF file exported by Affinity Designer is 315 kB (DEMO-VERSION.gif). If I open this file with GraphicConverter and save it unchanged, the file is only 39 kB (DEMO-VERSION small.gif). Why are the GIF files of Designer so huge? Besides, I noticed that the exporting took VERY long. Hinterleger DEMO-VERSION.afdesign