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  1. I came across this bug aswell. My workaround: use artboards. When the locked layer is contained inside an artboard, it is not selectable through the canvas--
  2. Hi, I have a question about the Displacement Map Live Filter. Referring to the official Tutorial, once the DM is applied to a layer via the Load Map From Layers Beneath method, you should be able to move the layer around with the DM being invisible in the background, not moving around. So the displacement gets updated. The problem is, when I move the layer with the DM Filter applied, the shape of the layer itself seems to be baked in the DM Map. I've attached two images, on the second, the layer is moved a bit. Is that normal behaviour or am I missing something here? best, Philip Here's a link to the tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NylLqhPu5jk
  3. Oh, wow! Second time I request a feature that already exists =) Thank you!
  4. Hi, over the last time I came across some things that I thought would make bot AD and AP even more my favourite apps =) When I rasterize a textlayer that is outside an artboard, it disappears on the canvas. (AP) When having multiple layers selected, "rasterize" will only work on one of the layers. (AD+AP) Generally, with several options it is not possible to change values on multiple layers at once, even if they share the same value initially (e.g. rotation) Changing values via keyboard (up and down arrows) in AP gives immediate results. It doesn't in Designer though. For example the font size. The desciptions of the pallettes are sometimes a bit blurry, see screenshot. I work on a retina iMac. (AD+AP) This one is more of a feature request. It would be really really nice to easily switch between Designer and Photo with an open document. For me, that would be the "final touch" in integration and really help my workflow. Now I have both apps open, close the file on AD, switch to AP, open the file there and vice versa. I do that quite often. Opening a document in both apps simultaneously does not work of course. I am working on OSX 10.11.6 best, Philip
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