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  1. Hi ChadStyle, 


    If that isn't able to do the job then unfortunately you may struggle with achieving this in Designer. Affinity Designer doesn't have a Perspective Tool yet. We have plans to add a Mesh Warp distortion tool to Designer in the future but we can't give an exact ETA for this I'm afraid.


    Affinity Photo has a Perspective Tool. You could download a free 10day trial from our website and use that to apply your perspective: https://affinity.serif.com/photo/






    I have Affinity Photo but I am trying to keep everything vector he requested this for a metal business card application he is working with.  Once I throw it into Affinity Photo it will have to be rasterized.


    I have used Affinity Designer Betas in the past with great results when new features were on the brink of release.  I was hoping that this feature may be in the latest beta so I could load it and try it out.


    Thanks again, I do appreciate the replies.



  2. Yeah, shear isn't enough.


    I'd jump over to Inkscape for a minute or two just for the perspective tool and then bring everything back.... still in vector.


    Remember (I think this will be true).... in order to use the perspective in IS you will have to combine all the paths. Just remember to break apart before the return.... or only return to the MAS version of Designer as the Boolean Divide will be inactive in the latest Beta.


    I have combined all paths so I can distort as a whole.  I made a copy of all the individual components so I have them in the event I need to edit anything later.  I haven't played with Inkscape so I will have to check it out.  Thanks for the reply!

  3. Hi ChadStyle,


    Towards the bottom right of the app you should see a Transform Tab at the bottom right of this tab there will be a Shear Field (see attached). You can use this field to Skew your object without manually moving the nodes :)


    I hope this helps!



    I am familiar with this function but unfortunately, I need to distort the perspective as well and the shear function is limited in that regard.


    I do thank you for your prompt reply but this won't work for my application.  If you have a moment, take a quick look at the files I attached in my original post.


    Thanks, again!

  4. Back again with another question for this awesome community.  I of course used the search function and found some related questions in 2014 and early 2015 where MEB commented that this feature was on the roadmap and would eventually be released.  


    I'm hoping for 2 things...first, a work-around to keep my shapes vectors and not have to move a thousand individual nodes to reach my desired effect.  Second, a possible ETA of when this feature will go live in Affinity Designer.


    I am currently recreating a logo for a client (not my favorite task in the least) and his logo was pixel based, created in photoshop, and skewed for the final effect.  He only has a JPEG so I have had to create the logo from scratch, starting from the beginning.  In photoshop, I used the perspective crop tool to make it a more head-on view so I can create the logo first.  I have recreated it in Affinity Designer and before adding all of the effects, I would like to skew the perspective to match his original logo.  I can easily do it in Photoshop but then we're back to raster graphics and square one.  


    For the Affinity Designer geniuses here, give me some options.  For the mods, please let me know if this is in a beta version that I can install or when the feature may be available in a future update.  I am attaching some images so you get a better idea of what I am working with here.  Again, not my art or creation so go easy me as it's not the greatest design in my opinion.


    Thanks in advance,





  5. Thank you guys for all the great replies! I've had a busy day but look forward to watching the videos posted this evening.


    I did recreate the design from scratch because it was a very simple design. I made a template so I can easily help my wife with these monograms she frequently does. That said, more intricate designs would be more time consuming to recreate from scratch so having more robust transform & alignment tool panels in the future would be welcomed.


    Until that happens, I appreciate all the great solutions. Hopefully this thread helps others as it has helped me.



  6. This seems like the best option so far.  Thank you for putting so much time into my question, you have gone over and above.  


    Actually, I was playing around with this again.  If you want an odd number, just divide the number into 360 like the above option.  So 360/45= 8º of separation.  Follow the same procedures as above but change the color of the bottom circle that you put in the 6 o'clock position (This will help you to identify it later).  Enter your rotation into the rotation box and duplicate it all the way around the circle (not just half way like before).  Now just delete the offending circles that you changed the color on and you should now have your evenly spaced and odd numbered circles in a circular pattern.

  7. Out of curiosity, what did others refer to this process as?  I was thinking "Text on a path" crossed with "Shape alignment" but none of my searches yielded results.  I always do my best to search thoroughly and you may notice my overall post count is quite low in comparison to how long I have been using the app but I attribute this to a great community and search bar ;)


    This has been covered a couple of different times on this forum.

  8. Thank you for the reply and detailed explanation.  I originally was doing what SignGuy mentioned but was hoping to find a more automated and accurate way of completing the task.  It does't look like there is a simple solution currently available so I will have to use methods like yours to reach my desired look.


    Thanks again!


    There is currently only one way of dealing with an odd number of items to duplicate using the CMD-J Power Duplicate method similar to what Signguy suggested that I am aware of, & it is neither very easy or elegant.

  9. More or less, yes.  If you take a peak at the screenshots in the original post you will have a better idea. I was hoping to find an easy method as I could incorporate the technique into my workflow on a more regular basis.


    Hi Chadstyle,

    I'm not sure i understood your question...

    Are you asking how to align an uneven amount of circles evenly around a center or just an easy way to do it?

  10. Her cutting software recognizes SVG files but it isn't very consistent.  We were just selecting "SVG for export" and it was working great for the last 7 months.  Then, about a month ago, it would no longer recognize the files.  I played around with different software, extensions, etc and kept having problems.  I changed the SVG export to "SVG for Print" and it recognizes them once again.  The Cricut Design Studio is very buggy so I won't be surprised if I have to find a new work around for her in the near future.  For now, it is working great.


    On a side note, how are you exporting your AD files into your cutter software? What format? 

  11. This is how I would do it if I were setting up a design from scratch. There are an uneven amount of circles in this design so I was hoping there was a way to evenly space them along a path. This would come in handy with other files as well.


    I have already completed the monograms for my wife so she could cut and apply the vinyl but I am still curious about placing shapes on a path and if there is a way to do so.


    Thank you for your reply, I do appreciate it.

  12. Ok AD Gurus...I need your help once again.  I have searched the forums with no luck.  I may be searching under the wrong terms so if you have a link to an existing thread, I would appreciate pointing me in that direction.


    My wife got a Cricut for Christmas and the design software is garbage.  Luckily, Affinity Designer is my go to app and I have been able to help her on many occasions.  Today she asked me to convert some PNG files into SVGs for her to cut.  I use the Image Vectorizer app but the results aren't that great.  The circles have flat spots and are funny shaped in general.


    I decided to clean up the template for her and there are a bunch of small circles that need to be placed on a circular path evenly spaced.  How can I align and space these shapes easily?  I am sure there is a trick or tool that I am overlooking.  I have attached some screenshots so you can see what I am trying to do.


    The first screenshot is the monogram.  She has a handful and if I can set up the template, the letters are much easier to do.  The second screenshot shows the potato shaped circles.  The last shows the circles I created and will cut out of the shape once aligned...just need to figure out how to align perfectly with proper spacing.


    As always, thanks in advance for your help!






  13. Ok guys...I'm sure there's a simple solution that I am just overlooking here.  I fully understand the text on a path setup but I'm interested in something a little different.


    I would like my top edge of my font to remain straight.  I would like the bottom edge of my font to follow a path.  I don't want to cut out that portion of the letters, just have them follow a path.  I am attaching an image that is similar to what I am trying to do so it hopefully makes more sense.


    Thanks in advance!!






  14. If you use Layer > Convert to Text Path, you may find the handles' default position does not need further adjusting. It's designed to be useful, for example splitting circles into top-half and bottom-half. If instead you click on the curve with the Art tool, the text should start where you first clicked.

    Thank you!  I will give this a shot as well!  


    This is why Affinity is the best...not just an awesome and powerful program but an equally awesome community.  


    Thanks again!



  15. nice self-explaining prophecy.


    I have played around with paragraph tools, right/left/center text justification, spacing, etc.  I just tried one last time and noticed the small orange triangle and tried to drag it around and it worked.  Figures that Affinity would have a great, common sense solution.  Unfortunately, so many of us have been brainwashed with non sensical methods over the years so the solution right in front of our face doesn't jump out at us...at least for me.

  16. Hi guys...quick question for those with experience with text on a path.


    I am familiar with how to place text on a path but I don't know how to adjust the starting point of the text.  In the past, I have done text on a path in a circle for a couple logos and if it started in an odd location, I would just rotate the text until it was correct.  Now I am placing text on a path but not in a circle and I can't figure out how to adjust the starting point.  If I rotate the text like I did with a circle it no longer follows the shape.


    Thanks in advance!



  17. You can bet on that ;)  

    By any chance, have you checked Affinity Designer's roadmap?

    No, I haven't..but I will now.  Thank you!


    Any other helpful links you can point me towards?  I am a fast learner and tutorials are fantastic because doing stuff hands-on is always the best way to learn something new.  I liked the Pumpkin Tutorial (not because I like pumpkins ;) ) because it got me in the habit of using existing shapes, converting to curves, then modifying from there.  I have always just used the pen tool to create my own but this is faster and better for many situations.  


    Despite the awesome community and great members who contribute, it is still small and growing so many questions I have still haven't been addressed.  It will get there I am sure but in the mean time I am reading and watching as much as possible in the little free time I have.  Wish someone would write an "Affinity Designer for Dummies" book!


    Again, thank you!  You have been very helpful!



  18. Well you are doing a great job!  AD is the first program I have ever come across that could potentially replace what I currently use and the pricing is fantastic.  I have already spread the word to my designer friends that use the program both casually and for work and can think of 7 or 8 that have purchased the program after me raving about it.  I'll keep spreading the word and you keep adding features..deal?  ;)

  19. Ronnie, thank you so much for your reply!  I understand, I was just hoping there was something I was missing.  As I mentioned before, I am comfortable switching between PS and AI but really want to get off the Ad083 Kool-Aid and use only Affinity moving forward.  I have downloaded the Beta of Affinity Photo but honestly haven't had the time in my day to play with it.  It's hard when clients are waiting on graphics to take the road less traveled when I know I can get it done efficiently using my old tried and true methods.  I'll get there...


    Lastly, I watched a few of your tutorials on your YouTube channel yesterday.  Thanks for your hard word and dedication to the AD community!  A slap, dap, and fist bump to you my friend ;)

  20. Looks like a great tutorial..I will give it a go this evening.  


    I see you are great with AD and also with text.  Could you do me a huge favor and take a peek at my question regarding text here:




    I would truly appreciate it!  Thank you for your time and dedication to the AD community!



  21. Hi guys,


    First time posting here..I did a search first but did not find exactly what I am looking for.  


    I know there are many admins from the Affinity Designer team on the forums so kudos to you for an awesome app!  I am doing my best to replace the Ado83 apps on my computer once and for all :)


    Ok, my question.  I am doing a logo with some text in it and trying to skew the entire word at once to change the perspective.  I can convert to curves and group/ungroup the letters allowing me to manipulate each individual letter but can't seem to figure out how to transform them as a group.  I'm sure it is something simple that I am overlooking so please forgive my ignorance.  I am attaching a .png I created in another app (I'll leave unnamed ;)) so you can see the basic effect I am looking to do in AD.


    Thanks in advance for the help!  Once I get used to the interface and tools I look forward to solely using Affinity Designer for all my graphic needs.



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