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  1. Hello. Since the new update and interface change I'm really struggling with a few things. Right now I need help figuring out text justification. Before the update it was really easy to do, for example add more space between text letter or numbers. But now when I'm in the text justification panel nothing happens and the adjustment numbers sort of twitch but don't usually actually change...
  2. That was right, I wasn't getting the same results from PDF exports in other apps. So I put the old font file back and reset Affinity's font data base and that fixed it. Thank you for the thorough response Thomaso!
  3. I replaced the .ttf file and it exported fine... corrupt font file? Thank you Thomaso!
  4. Hi Dan, I'm using the font named "DIN Condensed". I've attached a copy of the .afdesign file, a screenshot of my export settings, and a pdf scramble export example. The export settings don't make much of a difference. The only way I've been able to avoid the scramble/jumbling is a flattened pdf export, but my client doesn't want that. Business Card Test.afphoto Business Card Test.pdf
  5. Tom, this error shows at all times, in acrobat, mac preview, etc...
  6. Why is all the text getting exported jumbled? It's supposed to look like this: But the PDF export instead looks like this:
  7. Thanks R C-R. I misunderstood MEB's answer and thought it was limited to tablets like iPads.
  8. Why is it limited to 15°? I don't use a touchscreen, I'm on a Macbook Pro and I want to be able to rotate the screen freely. Do you plan to add this in a future build?